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Things I’ve Learned About Pet Ownership

Holmes and Watson officially turned 1-year-old yesterday. Even though they found their home with us in August this is kind of a big deal, because they are no longer kittens… despite what they may think.

They think they’re helpful

Having pets as an adult is totally different than having pets as a child. When we adopted Holmes and Watson, we were prepared to be responsible for these creatures but there are some lessons I’ve learned along the way.
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Friday Five: Making Me Happy

Things that have made me happy in large and small ways this week…

1. My 75-cent pin. I’ve been thrifting for a project and while I’ve been scouring thrift shops for teacups, I’ve also found myself checking for little treasures… like my 75-cent, key stick pin. When I saw it, I knew it’d be perfect for pinning on scarves.

2. Life’s little bizarre events. Things like the clicker on my pen randomly springing off in the middle of a meeting.

3. This video of the surfing bulldog. A coworker shared it with me this week and it was cute enough to make my husband kind of want a dog.


4. Lint rollers. I keep a lint roller in the bedroom, one near the back door and one in my desk. They’re wonderful inventions that keep me looking put together. I find that I lint roll before I leave for work to catch any stray pet hair. Then I lint roll again before I leave the office to get my own hair off my clothes. Seriously, put one in your Easter basket.

5. Easter. I like Easter, even if it’s still acting like winter Easter screams spring. I love tulips, lilies and daffodils that seem to be making an appearance. I love saving back a pretty dress to wear to Easter church service. It’s a refreshing holiday.

What’s been making you happy lately?

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Friday Five: Safari Edition

We live in a city. On our street, if anyone backed out of their driveway haphazardly they would either hit their own house or their neighbors. It’s cozy. My commute to work is 100% in-town. So the insane amount of contact I’ve had with wildlife makes me shake my head and proclaim to be on safari on a regular basis.

  1. I took the trash out and got barked at by a squirrel. It popped right up on top of the fence not two feet away from me and barked. Nor chattered, squeaked or clicked at me. It barked. Like the neighbor’s dog, but with more passion.
  2. I have had to stop and wait on rabbits, geese, deer and children to cross a very busy street.
  3. A stray cat in the neighborhood decided that we aren’t able to hunt for our own food and left us a dead chipmunk. When we didn’t graciously accept the offering and grill it for dinner, the cat took it back.
  4. I pulled into the driveway last Friday night and shined my headlights on a very large opossum stationed at my garage (potentially considering taking up residence inside). Not knowing a thing about these creepy creatures, I kept my headlights fixed on it, hoping it would go away so I would feel comfortable getting out of my car. It did, but not after staring eerily at me for awhile.
  5. I received a text message from my friend letting me know that they had spotted a wolf or coyote in the area that morning. (This could potentially decrease more wildlife sightings!)

There are many reasons why Holmes and Watson are indoor-only cats. And they are not limited to keeping them from being hit by cars on our street. I’m pretty sure that my barking squirrel could even be a threat.

They’d rather be inside where they can lay awkwardly on the couch anyway

In college, I spent a couple of summers living with my aunt and uncle. My aunt used to tell me every time before I left, “Be careful! Watch out for bears, deers and ducks!” I was supposed to watch out for ducks because there were a lot of them around the creek behind their house and I used to feed the ducklings. I was supposed to watch out for deer because I got hit by a deer one evening on my way back from work (I did not hit the deer, it hit me. We were both fine). And finally, one year a student at a nearby high school hit a black bear on the route that I frequently took. I don’t think we can extend the “Watch out for” list to include all of my new creatures.

What kind of wildlife have you encountered recently?

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Because I can’t take them all home

Friday Five: Confessions

Because I can’t take them all home

Last week, Brad and I went to the animal shelter to look at kittens. We had decided to make the leap into pet ownership and get two kitties. I texted my mom that day and let her know we were going to the shelter, her response:

Have fun! But don’t take them all home!

After spending time among the cat cages, I realized how easy it would be to do just that. We focused on kittens. While holding a cute four-month-old kitten (who I did take home with me), I felt a tap on my shoulder, accompanied by a gentle poke of a claw. The lovely adult cat in the cage behind me had reached out the touch me. I had to pet her too. And I had to pet the beautiful black cat “guarding” the door. And of course the brown and tan striped guy who wanted to do our adoption papers with us deserved some love as well.

If I spent much time in an animal shelter, I truly would turn into a crazy cat lady and fill our new home with pets. It would be possible because there are so many cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals that need homes.

We adopted two of the sweetest, affectionate and playful kittens that were taken in by a passionate animal foster “mom.” We wanted to adopt from a shelter or rescue group to help alleviate the overpopulation of pets. Holmes and Watson (our kitties) were already neutered and vaccinated when we brought them home.

My two buddies

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