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Miss Me?

I’m afraid that I’ve lost some of you! If you’re seeing this in your WordPress reader, please visit: and enter my new URL:  so you can continue to keep up with my posts.

Here are some of the recent posts you may have miss out on:

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Changes You May Have Missed Out On

Hi friends! You may have noticed a lack of blog posts coming to your email over the past 10 days. If you are, it means that you’re… well here and not truly at (notice the up there?)

I have made some major changes and am completely at and self-hosting my blog now… because I’m a control freak. Please update your blogroll if you have me on in and feed readers… also if you subscribe via email, that apparently doesn’t transfer… but you can subscribe again in the side bar.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and I truly appreciate your continued readership!

What you probably missed these last 11 days:

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To keep reading my new material, please stick with While I transition some things will probably be bumpy, but for the most part I think I’ve got the new site worked out reasonably well.

Friday Five: Spam Chronicles

Like most bloggers I get spam. I have occasionally had legitimate comments end up in my blog spam so I scan before deleting.

Recently my box has gotten a little more interesting, along with the offers to increase my Google page rank and cheap medication (but none for cheap insulin? Why not folks?) I’ve received:

  1. Offers for spy equipment. Like bugs I can put in pens or phones. Apparently my covert operations need some high-tech help.
  2. In the same day I got sequential comments on the same post: “Excellent article…” said the first. “You should bring more clarity to your writing to better explain the topic…” said the second.
  3. My favorite so far was this: Hi, I’m a scammer. Visit my website (link). I absolutely appreciate the honesty and the afternoon laugh.
  4. “Justin Bieber” commented on my blog….
  5. I’ve gotten more than 100 spam comments on this blog post. I have no idea why.

If you can’t get some enjoyment out of the crazy schemes on the internet, why bother?

This weekend we’re celebrating the marriage of another set of wonderful friends! What are you up to?

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Stop Scolding

As a person with a large medical team (six right now), a lot of time and careful planning goes into getting the medical stuff that I need while still having this wonderful thing people like to call “a life.”

Lately, I’ve been fed up with being scolded by medical office staff and emails from my pharmacy. Today I just need to vent.

Last year, all of my medical visits hit at the same time and I was completely overwhelmed by everything. Because of that and our insurance all of my visits needed to be spaced out. I looked at the state of my health and decided to push my annual exam back a couple of months. When I scheduled my appointment, I let the nurse know that I would run out of my current prescription a couple of weeks before my appointment. She assured me that would be fine and to just call their refill line and explain that I need an additional month to hold to my appointment. I thanked her and that was that… Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I got a voice mail from Debbie in my doctor’s office. I’m definitely paraphrasing but it said something like: We got a call from your pharmacy requesting a refill on your prescription. You haven’t been seen since February so we can’t refill your prescription unless you make an appointment. You need to call our office and make an appointment.

The message would have been fine if a few things were different: 1. If her tone were pleasant or at least not so freaking rude. 2. If she had checked to see my appointment on the books for May. 3. If she had left the office number instead of making me look it up. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Five: Making Me Happy

Things that have made me happy in large and small ways this week…

1. My 75-cent pin. I’ve been thrifting for a project and while I’ve been scouring thrift shops for teacups, I’ve also found myself checking for little treasures… like my 75-cent, key stick pin. When I saw it, I knew it’d be perfect for pinning on scarves.

2. Life’s little bizarre events. Things like the clicker on my pen randomly springing off in the middle of a meeting.

3. This video of the surfing bulldog. A coworker shared it with me this week and it was cute enough to make my husband kind of want a dog.


4. Lint rollers. I keep a lint roller in the bedroom, one near the back door and one in my desk. They’re wonderful inventions that keep me looking put together. I find that I lint roll before I leave for work to catch any stray pet hair. Then I lint roll again before I leave the office to get my own hair off my clothes. Seriously, put one in your Easter basket.

5. Easter. I like Easter, even if it’s still acting like winter Easter screams spring. I love tulips, lilies and daffodils that seem to be making an appearance. I love saving back a pretty dress to wear to Easter church service. It’s a refreshing holiday.

What’s been making you happy lately?

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At the end of my rope… or power cord

Last night, when left alone in the living room for five minutes, Holmes chewed through the power cord on Brad’s Macbook Pro… while it was charging.

I thought that he had gotten his chewing under control a few months ago, but I guess I was wrong. I He used to chew on everything and we thought it was teething (it very well could still be) so I bought the cats a set of baby keys that helped for awhile but then became a game of hiding the keys in my slippers.

Watson rarely chews on anything, instead he’s a compulsive padder, which is way more cute than destructive. Holmes has now ruined two iPhone cords, an optical cable, a surround sound wire and now the expensive power cord to Brad’s computer. He tries to chew on every wire he sees, which puts our lamps and every single electronic device at risk. In our house, it is not an option to not have cords around.  Not a single cord is left dangling that would catch his attention, the power cord was actually covered and he pulled it out to chew through it.

Last night Brad was ready to give the cat away. We’re both concerned that his affinity for cords is going to get him electrocuted. Right now, the cats stay in our third bedroom while we’re working or away from home, there aren’t any cords in that room except the one on my sewing machine that is stored away when it’s not in use. This seems unfair because Watson suffers as well. We can’t separate them for the whole day, Watson is co-dependent and when they were sick and separated, he didn’t get better until we had them both back and together. Obviously Holmes doesn’t understand that if he doesn’t chew cords, he can roam the house all day.

This crazy cat lady need advice help. Is there something else that we can do to stop the cord-chewing?

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Distracting him with a cat toy when he starts sniffing at cords
  • Squirting him with water
  • Putting hot sauce on the cords
  • Spraying bitter spray (that’s sold at the pet store to stop cats from scratching or chewing on things)
  • Making loud, startling noises to scare him away from cords
  • Positive reinforcement when he chews on his toys instead of the cords
  • Tucking the cords out of sight the best we can
  • Physically moving him elsewhere when he goes toward cords

We can train our cats to stay off the table and not scratch furniture, why can’t we stop the chewing? Help?

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5 Style Choices That Make Mom Proud

When I was a teenager I hated being told to tuck in my shirt. No outfit needed a tucked-in shirt. Now, 9 out of 10 times, I tuck in my shirt (I also wear belts too!). Mom would be so proud.

Here are some other grown up style choices that I’m sure would make mom proud:

1. Owning jeans that are in good repair. My parents used to wonder, “Why would you pay good money for new pants that look old?”

2. Owning more pencil skirts than mini skirts. (although since I’m so short most of my “pencil” skirts said “mini” on the tag) Fingertip length rule anyone?

3. Wearing panty hose or tights.

4. Matching my socks. Also, matching my earrings (wouldn’t you love to see a picture of how I dressed at 15?)

5. Keeping a cardigan on hand. I can’t tell you how many times I regretted not bringing a sweater like my mom had recommended.

Wearing hose, a pencil skirt AND that’s a sweater sleeve poking out!

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Wordless Wednesday: 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!


Have a safe and happy holiday!

Super Bowl 2012

Again this year, we ordered pizza and settled in with some friends to watch the game and the commercials (probably with equal anticipation for both).

It’s not uncommon for products to be “released” in a Super Bowl ad. This year, Bud Light Platinum was announced in a couple of pretty cool commercials (one of which was the very first Super Bowl commercial).

But now I have to back up.

On Friday before the Super Bowl, we went out to dinner at the Winking Lizard with some friends. We were enjoying good food, drinks and company in the crowded restaurant when I see someone walk by with a blue beer bottle and a label that wasn’t visible. Most beer bottles are brown, green or clear, I have never seen a blue glass bottle before. Since the Lizard is known for its world tour of beer and massive selection I assumed it was some really unique brew. Being a little more in tune with the world of beer, I asked Brad what type of beer comes in a blue bottle.

“I think it’s the new Bud Light,” he said. Bud Light is too common to come in a blue bottle, I thought. Then he ordered one and it arrived at the table in the pretty blue bottle.

The commercials

Last year I picked a favorite commercial. I really don’t have one this year. But I do have to say that Chrysler has now two years in a row produced a commercial that makes viewers shut up and listen. They also didn’t market a car this year, like they did with the 200 last year. They are still selling Detroit though. Also, I thought it was interesting that Chrysler is working to promote all of its products at once. Not a lot of people actually know that Ram trucks, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler are all Chrysler products.

I also kind of liked the Teleflora commercial. I’m sure that Adriana Lima accomplished exactly what the producers wanted. The attention of every man watching. But the message was something that most women watching wanted their guys to hear. Send. Flowers.

As usual, I cringed at some of the ads. Also as usual, I hated the GoDaddy commercials. When will that company change stop promoting itself as a purveyor of sex? Of the two members of my household (myself and my husband) I am more likely to purchase a domain name (and potentially the other things that Go Daddy might sell, but I’ve never bothered to find out because I have no desire to give that company money) and if I were to reach the buying stage, Go Daddy wouldn’t have made my list. Maybe next year, they should surprise everyone and have a feminist write and produce their commercials.

Your thoughts?

You can view the commercials here.

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Don’t hate my jeans

… my genes either.

I’m incredibly supportive of nurturing positive body-image among young women but sometimes I start feeling hated for being thin.

I saw this today (please excuse the profanity):

Found on Facebook

Ouch. I don’t particularly look like either of these models, but I own and wear size 0 jeans. Read the rest of this entry