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Can you take our picture?

We’re officially in wedding season, plus it’s vacation, picnic and special event season as well. I’m betting it’ll happen to you.

“Can you take our picture?”

The question is frequently asked by strangers, but sometimes friends. So here are some tips that I want people to take into account when I hand over my phone or camera for a picture with my beloved or a friend.

  • Take more than one. Chances are you aren’t wasting film since almost everyone uses digital. Take at least two pictures for people. We blink, look away, have someone walk through or have a finger over the lens. We can delete the bad ones so don’t be afraid to take a few. Also, offer a review. Let the person check the photo before you walk away.
  • Get the shoes. *ahem, men: get the shoes.* When a woman is dressed for an event (from a picnic to a wedding) she has definitely put thought into her shoes and they are an important part of the outfit. Take at least one vertical picture for her that includes her shoes. I’ve had people take pictures of me at various events and the picture, although full-body, cuts off at my ankles. Get the whole outfit, if it turns out they didn’t want shoes in the picture, they can crop them out… you can’t add them in so better safe than sorry.

    This one almost got the shoes.

  • Give a warning.  Read the rest of this entry

A Matched Set

His and Hers towels may be adorable, but his and hers tire damage and subsequent replacements?


His sidewall gash and my puncture

Not so much.

Two of the many reasons I loathe road construction. Read the rest of this entry

Wordless Wednesday: In the Cabinet

Take a peek in the cabinet in the my office:

My work food stash resembles snack time for a preschool.

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iPad + my blog

Can you believe that with my technology connections, I had never looked at my blog on an iPad until recently? Since I prefer to blog with real keys in front of me, it had never been much of a concern.

If you’ve never read my blog on an iPad… please do! It looks extremely cool! We don’t have the Flipboard app on our iPad to do cool stuff but WordPress has me covered. They display my blog as if it’s an awesome, interactive, digital magazine.

As I was sitting in awe of my beautiful blog and thinking how much more professional it made me look, I noticed that the blogs look much better with pictures. So I’ll try to add more pictures even though I write most of my blogs on my lunch break.

So for some photo fun, here’s my husband reading on an iPad… on a boat. (Boy he’ll be thrilled when he sees this!)