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My Curse

Since our names are our identities, I’m amazed that I’m not completely screwed up about who I am. It’s incredibly rare that any paperwork for me is accurate, I’ve come to refer to this as my curse.

At a young age, it was difficult to learn how to spell my name because both my first and last name were often spelled incorrectly and I saw so many different versions of my name that it was tough to keep track. But the curse really started when I was 16 and got my driver’s license. I lived in Massillon. My official identification indicated that I lived in Masssillon. (See the issue?) But it gets better…

1. At our wedding reception, the hall spelled both of our last names wrong on the sign

2. I had to make them redo one section of our home-buying paperwork because they spelled my first name wrong

3. The Board of Elections printed my name wrong in its records so when I went to vote they had to call the board and get approval from them for me to be able to vote

4. My last name was spelled wrong when Brad and I opened our joint bank account (his name was correct though… you know the same name) and my bank card was printed wrong as well

5. I’ve received personal mail with my name spelled “Rachel” on the note inside and “Rachael” on the envelope

Then to put icing on the curse cake, here’s the tag that was on my dress that I just picked up for my friend’s wedding:

I clearly printed my name on the paperwork and the worst part is, it looks like that sticker might have been stuck over top of a sticker that was spelled correctly.

I’ve learned to check things over carefully when official things are involved, but occasionally things slip through the cracks.

Do you have a “curse”?

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Thanks Pam!

Feeling Left Out

Thanks Pam!

A funny thing happens when you officially change your address…

You start getting junk mail for people who don’t even live in your house.

We receive promotional mail (i.e. not official stuff like bills or letters) for my father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law occasionally. Things like special offers for Cleveland lawn treatment services (my in-laws don’t live in Cleveland) and tuxedo rental offers. These kind of, sort of, maybe make sense.

But then we started getting mail for Pam.

Bath & Body Works coupons started arriving for Pamela K (same last name as me). One day, I got mail for Pam (we’re tight seeing as how she lives in my house supposedly) that contained coupons for not only Bath & Body Works, but also for Victoria’s Secret. Both contained coupons for free stuff so I threw them in my purse.

The next time we were at the mall I stopped in both stores and redeemed my free items, courtesy of Pam.

I ended up with $15 of free stuff, all because someone thinks I have a Pam at my house.

Thanks Pam!

I’m Linking Up!

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Hi! I’m Rachel Engel…stetter

Ask and you shall receive

Always His Daughter

No matter how long he’s gone, or where my life takes me, I will always be his daughter.

The longer I’m an adult, the more and more I realize how much of an influence parents have on our lives. A conversation with my husband last week about how we’ve gotten to where we are in life and I can’t help but attribute much of who I am to my parents. Sometimes I didn’t understand them or even like them (I was once a teenager) but as an adult I see how their parenting and boundaries shaped me. I learned responsibility and respect at a young age and many other values from my mom and dad.

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Treasure your father

Hi Mom!

This is my mom:

May 28, 2011

Since Mother’s Day is about celebrating moms, I though you all might like to meet the woman who gave me life. She’d had two other children before me, so I’m pretty lucky that my parents didn’t auction me off at birth.*

My mom is a strong woman with a surprising sense of humor and awesome arms (did I mention that she’s a personal trainer?) Read the rest of this entry

What’s in a name?

We’ve got a lot of letters in our name. We know this and try to make it as easy as possible.

I got incredibly used to saying, “With an E” right after giving my last name. So the transition to a just as distinctive name as Kerstetter wasn’t too difficult. For me.

The other day at the pharmacy I told the tech that I needed to pick up a prescription for “Kerstetter with a K.”

Technician: “Can you spell that?”

I slowly spelled it out. She goes digging through the bins.

Technician: “I’m sorry, you said K-U-…?” Read the rest of this entry

When to drop the brackets

One year of wedded bliss is creeping up on speeding toward us and I’ve settled into my new identity, my signature comes more naturally (and finally fits on narrow receipts) and I got business cards with the K-name on them.

But I still have my maiden name in parentheses on my Facebook and LinkedIn. I just sent a LinkedIn connection request to an old classmate and even though he probably would know it’s me, I still threw in the brackets, just in case. I, by no means, have a unique situation in which I switched from a long, complicated last name to yet another long, complicated last name but I’m sick of typing and writing it.

How long should I give people to get comfortable with it? Is a year really long enough to acclimate to a new identity when I had the old one for more than 20 years? Read the rest of this entry

Time Flies

I remember what I was doing around this time last year and it’s amazing that it seemed like yesterday!

About a year ago I was:

– Sending thank you notes to the lovely women who showered me (and Brad) with some of the things that make our home lovely.

At my bridal shower

Read the rest of this entry

Being the Diabetic Coworker

About month after starting with the company that I currently work for, I called off sick one Tuesday morning.

Then I called off sick the next morning.

And the next morning, I call my boss and told her I was making an appointment with the doctor and I hoped to be back to work on Friday. Later in the day she received a voice mail from me that I was being admitted to the hospital. I can’t say that I remember what I said, I can barely remember calling my husband from the doctor’s office to tell him that his mom was going to drive me to the hospital because I had diabetic ketoacidosis. You probably already know the story.

I decided to participate in the March DSMA Blog Carnival because I’ve recently been remembering/rediscovering what life was like last August and this is the prompt:

Does your employer/school/friends know you have diabetes? Why or why not? Read the rest of this entry

Why it’s cool that I’m an “engineer”

The agency that I work for is primarily business-to-business accounts and our niche is working with clients in markets including construction, industrial and MRO. We like to know our clients’ work and be relate-able so we have industrialized job titles.

If you’re in a communication or business field, you would understand my job title as “public relations specialist” but if you’re a client I work with, I’m a “public relations engineer” (yes that’s what my business card says).

Read the rest of this entry

Wedding Band Rebellion

I must be a rebel. I wear my rings in the wrong order!

There are a lot of not traditional trends in weddings and marriages theses days so I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ve been asked by a couple of brides-to-be why I wear my rings this way and I typically answer that there are two thought processes. Read the rest of this entry