Friday Five: Confessions

This Friday Five thing might become a regular feature….

Anyway it’s time for some confessions of the week:

  1. I lost my credit card when I stopped to buy a head of lettuce at the store. I searched my purse, car and house before we reported it missing to the company. I’ll have a new card tomorrow. I found my “lost” card about an hour after the report, stuck to my driver’s license.
  2. I enjoyed a cup of coffee before my dentist appointment today (and after).
  3. I have already been plotting Christmas gifts for people, but I’m holding back because it seems so early to get them.
  4. Brad and I both ordered new glasses this week. I finally need to go to full time vision correction and I’m actually kind of excited about my new frames!
  5. I found the perfect fall coat for me! It happened to be on clearance for $13… in the girls’ department at Burlington Coat Factory.20120928-121554.jpg

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Any fun Friday confessions?

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