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The significance of today snuck up on me last yesterday afternoon.

Today, July 6th, is the one year anniversary of starting my “big girl job.” It’s a little crazy to think that at this point last year, I showed up to this agency with a combination of nervousness and excitement. I was amazed that I had my own office, with a window and a real door and I loved it.

On my very first day I was assigned several projects and I was amazed by the responsibility that I was given. In my internships, I wrote a total of about 5 news releases. By the time I finished my first week here (at part time) I’d already written more than that.


What can I say? I’m neat and tidy.

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Baby Showers and Crude Books

A couple of my cousins are expecting babies within the next few months and I received invitations to their baby showers. In lieu of cards, they requested children’s books (which is an awesome idea because kids books aren’t only really cool, they can add up if you want to have a good library).

When I was out Christmas shopping with a friend I took a break from Christmas to check out the children’s book section of the store in hopes of finding a great book for the first shower. And there it was:

I excitedly purchased the book and then I checked the registry and they had registered for some Dr. Seuss-themed baby goodies which went along well with the book. I just had to tell my aunt about it… and the following text conversation occurred (thanks to my phone’s crude sense of humor): Read the rest of this entry

New Year, New Everything

Ok not everything is new, but a heck of a lot of things are new for me. I’m finally back this week from my holiday break. My office reopened Tuesday and I neglected you all because I hit the ground running in the new year. Ok, I hit the second floor moving, but that doesn’t sound as good.

When I arrived Tuesday, my ancient old work desktop was gone and was replaced by a snazzy, lime green laptop. Yes, you read that right, my work computer is lime green! I had no say in the selection of my computer, so that made my day. Then I moved down the hall… way down the hall. To a new office. I’m no longer the first office on the left, which means I will not be mistaken for the secretary as frequently or have to sign my very long last name on a little screen for the UPS and FedEx deliveries.


My desk is messy already!

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Write what you mean

If you know me in “real life” you know that I am constantly amazed and disappointed by the poor grasp of the English language that many college graduates have (mostly it’s the recent graduates but not always).

However I’ve seen some questionable phrases used by some of the most professional people that I’ve met.

The top two:

Take for granite

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Should have minored in engineering/chemistry/biotechnology….

I’m a communicator. I communicate… obviously.


I communicate on behalf of engineering, chemical, biotech, automotive, construction (and other) companies. My job is to write things at a level that anyone can understand, which usually isn’t hard.


Thursday, it was hard.

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Back to School… or not

I’ve been getting the back to school ads and emails about buying new textbooks. It was always a bittersweet time because summer was over, but I also liked school. Text books cost a fortune, but I got some new clothes.

Now it’s just all sweet.

I accomplished the goal of graduating from college. I don’t have to go to school anymore to do what I want. My learning process is much less rushed with that BA in its nice frame.

Since I love to learn, I doubt that I’m totally done with school forever. Who knows? I may go back someday. I still keep up on industry trends and make sure that I’m up to date on important information. But it’s nice to know that I never have to suffer through a stats class again or worry about retaining scientific information.

New year, new job

I just left my job at the Chrysler dealer. It was a just a job to do during college. I never expected to walk out of that place with valuable experience and lessons.

I don’t think that I could succinctly list the number of lessons that I learned at that place about business, communication, accounting and cars.

I’m trying to look at things through the eyes of a student, one that’s trying to learn everything possible.

You expect to learn things in an internship. And internships are amazing. But it seems like college students don’t glean experiences every chance that they get.

So, my advice to all, as a self-proclaimed successful student, learn from every experience. Every single one, even if it’s waiting tables.