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A Garden Tea Bridal Shower

I’ve been chatting about my friend’s bridal shower and the day finally came on Sunday. Here it is as wordless as possible….

The menu: a selection of vegetables (the veggie dip bowls were red peppers!), fruit salad, tea sandwiches (cucumber with chive cream cheese, classic chicken salad, ham and cheese and good old peanut butter and jelly), pasta salad and garden cupcakes. All complimented by sweet and unsweetened tea, lemonade, strawberry lemonade sangria and wine.

Each place setting had a BRIDE Bingo card, trivia questions about the couple and a unique, handmade tea cup candle (should I post instructions on how to make these?). The centerpieces were tiny teapots with flowers.

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It Takes a Village

In my case, I have a small communication agency as my village (small as in number of employees).

There are a lot of things going on that the people I work with have been involved in from confirming my employment a million times to fixing and cleaning my laptop and helping me with my tire problem.


It had to puncture in a place that can’t be patched

My tire had a piece of metal stick out of it Thursday morning when I left for work. Read the rest of this entry

Find a Friend

I’m participating in the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week. This is my first year (clearly) participating and I’m pretty excited to take part in this online community event. Anyway, onto today’s topic:

Find A Friend

I didn’t really know anyone with Type 1 diabetes when I was first diagnosed so I turned to my trusty friend Twitter a few weeks out of the hospital and searched for “diabetes.”

The first two Twitter users who popped up were Kerri at Six Until Me and Allison who writes for Diabetes Mine. From following these two and reading their posts, I found a whole slew of people who comprise this thing called the DOC (Diabetes Online Community).

I feel like there are far too many diabetes bloggers that I’ve come to read regularly (and occasionally comment on) so I’ll just share with you a few of the first connections I made after Kerri and Allison.

  • Cherise, the founder of DSMA and a fellow pod person, answered all sorts of questions for me when I was looking into an insulin pump
  • Stacy, the Girl with the Portable Pancreas, was also a great question answerer and the amazing retweeter of all blog diabetes-related and overall awesome
  • Kim, of Texting My Pancreas and the brains behind The You Can Do This Project, gave me my first digital high five for a perfect 100 blood sugar reading

I wouldn’t know any of these ladies without the aid of the internet. Not a single one of them is in Ohio. Luckily, the internet lead me to another NEO T1 blogger: Lisa of Lisa From Scratch. Lisa and I have yet to meet in person (but we totally should), but it’s comforting to know there’s another diagnosed as an adult, type one lady living it up in Cleveland.

One of my favorite pastimes is clicking through the d-blog links. It helps us know we aren’t alone.

Stay tuned tomorrow for one good thing.

Not Too Young

I would like to rant vent about my peers for a moment… Let me start by saying, it is in no way our right to judge the life decisions of our peers, especially without examining our own decisions first.

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all of the crap commentary I’m reading from people in their 20s about getting married. I’m talking about the people who apparently think I was out of my mind for getting married soon after college.

Everyone in my age group (let’s say ages 20-25, I’m not going to cover a whole generation) are in totally different places in their lives. There’s everything from people who started working straight out of high school, to people working toward a degree and college grads with and without jobs then there are people in grad school. Some of us are married, some engaged, dating or single. Some are even parents. And we’re all about the same age. Read the rest of this entry

The other neighbors

Our neighbors here on the second floor are mostly older. The neighbor on one side is in her 90s and the neighbor on the other side is in her 80s and we have a sweet 60-70ish Italian lady just down the hall (who I blame for making our mouths water with the amazing food smells in her section of the hall). These ladies are sweethearts, they all kind of take care of each other and have developed an interest in me.

The other day, we were expecting a couple of friends and had just returned home from work so the apartment door was unlocked. I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher when I heard the apartment door open. Thinking someone downstairs had simply held the door open for our friends, I called out a bright, “Hello!” while closing the dishwasher and turning around to find my 80-something neighbor in mid-startle. She had been looking down at whatever she was carrying that she had gone a door too far and wandered right into our apartment.

She was utterly embarrassed and apologetic, but the situation was just too funny. When we relayed the story to one of our other neighbors in the hall the next day she said, “I was looking down and didn’t even see the pretty wreath that would have told me I wasn’t at my own door and then when I saw that big television, I knew I was in the wrong place!”

Our winter wreath made from upcycled wedding leftovers

That’s when they found out that I make my wreaths. These ladies are unobtrusive, so I haven’t complained written about them before like I did with the young men upstairs. They say hello to me in the hallway, make sure to let us know when there might have been a flood in the storage room and compliment every decoration I put on our door.

So now the pressure is on to make a new creative wreath for spring. Feel free to share ideas with me on Pinterest!

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Christmas Shopping

In the past, I’ve been proud of my ability to Christmas shop for people throughout the year and am usually finished with my major shopping by the 1st of December. This year is very different.

I held off on buying Christmas presents for most of the year because it was our first Christmas as a married couple and productive working citizens instead of “poor college students.” I thought it’d be easier because I’d have Brad to help me out and I’d be able to expand the Christmas shopping budget. Although those things are true, Christmas shopping is much more difficult this year.

I put it off too much. Because of delaying the start of shopping, I feel much more rushed this year because I didn’t do any shopping in the rest of the year. We still have several people on our list to find gifts for.

There’s not enough time in a day. Neither of us consistently leave work at 5:00, we stay until the job is done. Then Brad has an unpredictable commute home so we never know when we can start shopping on weekday evenings. And our weekends during this season tend to fill up quickly.

It’s weird. Shopping this year is weird for many reasons. I don’t go shopping without Brad most of the time because I don’t always see things and think of which of his family members would like it. We were shopping last week and he saw something that I would have never looked at twice and said, “Don’t you think my great-grandma would like this?’ She definitely would like it, but I wouldn’t have thought about her when I saw it. I may be a part of the family, but I’m still learning about little likes and dislikes. It’s also weird (and a little tough) because every single time I go shopping, I see at least one thing that would have made a great present for my dad. For Christmases past, he had been a tough person to shop for. It’s funny how you see things that would be perfect for someone when you no longer buy them presents (for whatever reason).

Online shopping isn’t my thing. You may have started thinking while reading my excuses list above: she should just shop online. Online shopping is fantastic! If you know what you want to give someone. But if you don’t have a clue, like me, seeing things sometimes makes it easier to pick something out. That and I tend to think too much.

Other notes about gifts

If you are on our Christmas shopping list, rest assured that, even if it’s purchased close to the wire, it was pick out with you in mind. Also, if I wrap a present for you, I selected wrapping paper and a gift tag that I think you might like. Lots of care and thought goes into gift giving.

Is Christmas shopping easy for you?

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Thankful Thursday

With Thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks, I thought today I could take a moment to share with all of you what things (great and small) that I’m feeling thankful for.

  • My loving husband who supports and cares for me
  • Seat heaters on chilly mornings

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Sometimes I miss college

I’m not the type of person to dwell on the past and I’m very happy with where I am in life… But sometimes I do miss college.

Historic Chapman Hall

I miss:

“If anything good could come out of your diabetes…”

Good and diabetes don’t usually go in the same sentence, but a good friend of mine said this to me the other day:
“If anything good could come out of your diabetes, it’s that I think I’ve realized maybe I should start taking care of my own blood sugar. So thank you.”

My friend is not diabetic and she’s not the only one making changes because of my condition. Many of my friends and family members are making healthier choices (at least when I’m around). When I pull out my book or open up my iPhone app to choose a restaurant, I often get quizzed on the carb, calorie, fat and sugar content of the meals my companions want to order.

You wouldn't know it, but we have matching glucose monitors.

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The Mechanics of Moving

Brad and I recently became Clevelanders!

We moved from a small house into a large apartment over Labor Day weekend. My family was certified nomadic when I was growing up and we always moved by way of “Friends and Family Moving Co.” as my mom called it. When you move without the pros helping you out, there are some things that usually always happen. Read the rest of this entry