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A High-Tech Life

I haven’t participated in the DSMA Blog Carnival in awhile… But this topic resonates with me. Diabetes Gadgets.

Here’s the prompt:

How do you select the diabetes devices you use?  To others looking into new or replacement devices, what would be your best advice to someone shopping around?

Brad and I talk about the gadgets and gear that keep me chugging along a lot. There are things that we wish would be different about them and things that we love… as much as you can love medical devices.

The Pump (The Pod)

Image Courtesy of Insulet

I’ve said in the past that I love my OmniPod… I don’t really though. I like the control and management I get by being on an insulin pump, but I shocked Brad’s socks off the other night when I said I would switch to a tubed pump if I don’t get the new OmniPod system soon and if I keep having pod failures (My recent failure rate is: 1 in 4 pods during filling or priming) . I followed that up by saying I wished there were more tubeless pumps on the market… I wish I had options. Right now, for someone like me who wants an insulin pump that they can wear, hide and not have tubing to deal with there aren’t options. There’s the OmniPod and… the OmniPod!

Overall it’s a good system even if the PDM looks like a kid’s toy of an old BlackBerry. I did a lot of research but really “found my moving buddy” when we learned about OmniPod. I didn’t want to deal with needles more than necessary, I didn’t want to get tangled in tube and I didn’t want to have to clip something to my clothes all the time.

Omni-Arm, out of the way during a service project

I found out that OmniPod “wastes” less insulin since there isn’t any caught up in the tube, so I’m saving liquid gold too… Although with my recent string of pod failures and only being able to get at most half of the insulin back from the podds I’m not sure about how much overall I’m saving.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my pod in their research… many go with OmniPod. So many that I wish I could get a commission from Insulet! (Or at least the new system. *wink*wink*)


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AutoCorrect Fail

Let’s face it, we’re not really that great at typing. Especially on touchscreens. So the autocorrect feature on most smartphones comes in pretty handy to help us get our message across without much editing.

But sometimes autocorrect gets overconfident and takes what we meant to say and turns it into something completely different.

Like spiders.


Apidra and spiders are very, very different things.

Within that same text message conversation with my husband, he announced that someone brought in Starbucks for their team and his phone decided that “Frap” should be “crap.”

Thankfully with a keen eye we can catch these things. My smartphone hasn’t yet been smart enough to realize that I use the word “like” way more often than the word “Luke” and it likes to replace “and” with “ANC.” Of course please don’t forget the “Crude” baby shower book I purchased.

What autocorrect fails have you encountered that made you smile?

PS: Yes I’m aware that there’s a whole website  for these things.

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50 Miles. No Gas.

I’m not a car blogger and I never will be, but this was too good not to talk about, so let me start at the beginning….

Last weekend, Brad and I had the opportunity to use a Nissan Leaf for the afternoon.

Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is Nissan’s all-electric car. It uses no gas. None. It also completely blows my mind because there are a lot of counter intuitive things about this car that make. complete. sense. At least when you step out of your I’ve only ever driven a gas-powered car before mindset.

If you want to know how an electric car works, this is not the blog for you to read. I want to tell you about the experience of driving one for the afternoon. Read the rest of this entry

Fantasy Diabetes Decive

Diabetes Blog Week Post #4

Today’s Topic: Fantasy diabetes device

Oh boy there are so many things I want (aside from a fully functioning pancreas, duh).

It’s no secret that I’ve been trialing a Dexcom (continuous glucose monitoring system). I kind of like it, the arrows tell me where I’m going and it alerts me to danger, but it’s another cell phone sized device, it’s another plastic piece and adhesive pad stuck to me. I know I’m not alone in wanting a closed loop system.

I kind of wish it would all be integrated with an app like our universal remote system is at home. (I mean seriously, I can use one iPad/iPhone/Android app to control the TV, DVD player, other DVD player, Apple TV and probably even my neighbor’s stereo.) If they can make a glucose meter that plugs into my iPhone, can’t they just make that work with my OmniPod and receive Dexcom readings and automatically talk to each other?

Dexcom+OmniPod in one device would be great

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Silence Your Phone

We’ve all been there, sitting in a movie theater and *buzzzzz* *buzzzz* goes someone’s phone. Followed by the blue glow of a screen allowing you to located the perpetrator. Who is it usually?

Did you say teenager?

Yeah that’s usually my experience. It’s sad that at movie theaters, churches and graduation ceremonies they have to request that people silence their phones. But it’s our society today apparently.

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OmniPods in the Freezer


OmniPods in the freezer

I will never again try not to be angry when my phone or computer give me little hassles.

I experienced my first PDM error with my OmniPod system. I kind of freaked out, but I followed the instructions to call Insulet customer support. The woman I spoke to was very friendly and walked me through the process of resetting my PDM. Even though the error screen told me to remove my current pod, I left it on to keep getting my basal until the situation was fixed. The whole reset and following pod change only took about 15-20 minutes, but it felt like a life time.

Am I going to have to inject the rest of today? I thought as I listened to Insulet’s automated menu. What if they have to send me a new PDM? I’d have to take Lantus, wouldn’t I?

A simple reset solved the problem and was less complicated than resetting my old car’s cranky stereo. I’m receiving a new pod to replace the one I had to remove, which is great. But it doesn’t really make a difference to me, because my insurance completely covers the pods. What makes a difference is that the pod I removed was about 1.5 days old, and still read as having 50+ units of insulin in it. The most expensive part of my diabetes care is insulin.

I was inconvenienced by having to change my pod at work, but I have my own office with a door so I had the privacy to change it at my desk and didn’t have to retreat to the restroom. I worried that I might have lost my blood sugar history, but it was all intact and my bgs were behaving when it happened so, overall I came out unscathed. Sure it was annoying to have to calculate my lunch bolus, but I used to do all of that manually before the pump.

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This post is primarily for my friends and family to help them understand a new part of my life. Sorry if this bores my diabetic readers, check back next time for more interesting content or share your own frequently asked questions in the comments.

After the untimely death of my pancreas, I had been using injections and a glucose meter to manually do its job.

Now, I’m proud to announce that this girl is battery-operated!

Last week I started using an Omnipod to manage my type 1 diabetes. This doesn’t mean that I get to go on autopilot, stop carbohydrate counting or not test my blood sugar anymore, but it does mean that I have a little more freedom.

Here’s how it works:

I wear a pod filled with insulin.

Meet my Omnipod:

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Change is bad… very bad

Brad is king of all electronics in our home, including my computer and phone (thankfully not my meter though!).

He keeps them all running fairly smoothly and up-to-date. So up to date in fact that my computer is running on Windows 8. I wish I were kidding about having such an advanced operating system, but I’m not so I might as well supply you with a short review….

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Should have minored in engineering/chemistry/biotechnology….

I’m a communicator. I communicate… obviously.


I communicate on behalf of engineering, chemical, biotech, automotive, construction (and other) companies. My job is to write things at a level that anyone can understand, which usually isn’t hard.


Thursday, it was hard.

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iPad + my blog

Can you believe that with my technology connections, I had never looked at my blog on an iPad until recently? Since I prefer to blog with real keys in front of me, it had never been much of a concern.

If you’ve never read my blog on an iPad… please do! It looks extremely cool! We don’t have the Flipboard app on our iPad to do cool stuff but WordPress has me covered. They display my blog as if it’s an awesome, interactive, digital magazine.

As I was sitting in awe of my beautiful blog and thinking how much more professional it made me look, I noticed that the blogs look much better with pictures. So I’ll try to add more pictures even though I write most of my blogs on my lunch break.

So for some photo fun, here’s my husband reading on an iPad… on a boat. (Boy he’ll be thrilled when he sees this!)