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The significance of today snuck up on me last yesterday afternoon.

Today, July 6th, is the one year anniversary of starting my “big girl job.” It’s a little crazy to think that at this point last year, I showed up to this agency with a combination of nervousness and excitement. I was amazed that I had my own office, with a window and a real door and I loved it.

On my very first day I was assigned several projects and I was amazed by the responsibility that I was given. In my internships, I wrote a total of about 5 news releases. By the time I finished my first week here (at part time) I’d already written more than that.


What can I say? I’m neat and tidy.

I later learned how lucky I was Read the rest of this entry

I’m a case study

I really like LinkedIn and it’s always nice when LinkedIn likes me back.

I recently had a conversation with Kyle Lacy about my LinkedIn experiences… and I’m a case study. I have my current job greatly in part to being found on LinkedIn. Read more on Kyle’s blog.

It’s off to a webinar I go, so happy reading over on or on these other LinkedIn posts:

LinkedIn Recommendations vs. References

I denied people on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Recommendations vs. References

Can a LinkedIn recommendation replace a job reference?

I’m actually hoping for some feedback on this.

I think that it would be possible. I have a few recommendations on my LinkedIn profile… it’s ok if you want to go look, the blog will be here when you get back. For those recommendations, I approached the same people that I would ask for job references and asked that they recommend my work. And they wrote what I would imagine (and hope!) they would say to someone inquiring about me for a potential position.

Typically you provide three references when asked during the application/interview process for a job. Well if I were to supply three references, I’d pick three of the people who have recommended me on LinkedIn.

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Social Media as Employment

I’ve been completely astounded by the positive comments on my guest blog over at tradesmeninsights.

One commenter mentioned that it is difficult to keep up with social media’s ever-changing state of being (from a marketing standpoint of course). My boss responded to him that social media could be a full time job!

That is totally true and happening all over now. If you had told me when I was 16 and enamored with MySpace that some day people could have jobs simply doing social media, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Because social media has such vast potential for low-cost but high visibility, there are actual full time jobs, and at some places departments, devoted to social media. Plus other job titles are requiring experience with and knowledge of social media. This fact is carving out a valuable piece of job real estate for my generation.

BUT I am not saying millenials are social media experts just because they use social media. The personal use helps make life easier however there is much more skill, talent, organization and hard work needed to step into a job that requires social media.

Even keeping up with social media for my own knowledge can be work sometimes!

(If you’re interested in how I’ve segmented my social presence, read more here.)


Dressing for success

It’s much easier to do for a first interview…. not so much for the second (if you’re a girl at least because this is another area where guys have it easy).

I always received the advice that you should dress conservatively and professionally for interviews. After years of high school speech competitions, I have a nice selection of unique and memorable suits (including purple, green, blue tapestry and gray with a tie-style back) all of which I assure you are professional. But my go-to suit for interviews, presentations and any other time that I need my appearance to scream “grown-up!” I wear one of my trusty black suits (and high heels of course because typical grown-ups are actually taller than 5 feet). So that’s what I wore for my first interview with an advertising agency. Read the rest of this entry

Existing on Google

I was reading this blog post. It’s about social media and has some great tips.

One in particular made me think. “You only exist if Google says you do.” I googled myself today. Surprisingly most of the first page is actually me, but not all of it. As cool as it would be to own a business, I don’t own A Closet of Her Own. And I’ve never been on a PTA council. That was googling “Rachel Engelhardt” so I tried “Rachel L. Engelhardt.” Fewer on the first page were me. I’m considering dropping that initial.

Likewise I did a Facebook search, I found five other “mes.” Likewise there were three of us Rachel Engelhardts on LinkedIn.

I’m applying for jobs and knowing that my potential employers are looking me up on Google and social media, I want them to find me not someone else.

Along the same lines, I’ll have a new last name in six months so how do I make sure that my work under my maiden name is found along with my work under my married name?