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Positive Reinforcement

When I was little, my dad used to want to go get ice cream after dentist appointments. It was as much of a treat as the treasure box at our dentist’s office was. This came from when he was a kid and got ice cream after going to the dentist.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve averaged about one medical appointment a week. Between getting set up with my pump and establishing new medical care since moving north, I see the inside of a lot of different medical facilities. I’ve also verified my medications and allergies more times than I can count!

My office is awesome in that it operates on a flexible work schedule year-round (flex schedules are typically used to extend summer weekends at some places) so I don’t have to take personal, sick or vacation time to go to all of these appointments. Read the rest of this entry

Social Media + Customer Service = Starbucks Success

I don’t like math, but things like this blog title make sense to me.

I occasionally use Twitter to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the brands that I follow. Recently, I tweeted:

Everyone is talking about pumpkin spice lattes and I want one. @Starbucks can they be made skinny and sugar free? #PSL #diabetes

I’ve been pretty bummed that I can’t shouldn’t have some of my favorite treats recently.

I really enjoy Starbucks. We had it on our cruise, several times at the ONLY Starbucks at sea

Later that day, I had a Direct Message from Starbucks asking me to email them details. Read the rest of this entry