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Meal Ideas

We have some dinners at our place planned with friends so I turned to Twitter asking about the Go-To meals they make when people are coming over. I got some great responses that made me hungry… I thought I’d share the idea gold with you!

  1. Lasagna. This is a great idea, I’m not a fan of lasagna in general, but I’ve run across some recipes (on Pinterest of course) I think I might like. Brad loves it and it’s a nice cold weather food.
  2. Burgers on the BBQ. These are a K-fam favorite that we often asked for prior to becoming the owners of Monster Grill. If weather checks out, it’s top of the list along with the beloved cheesy potatoes. (Recommended with a big salad)
  3. Roast. Easy to prepare in the Crock Pot, no one minds leftovers either. (Also recommended with a big salad)
  4. Salad, pizza and wings. This was recommended by a local pizza place (that has good food at 2am… I may or may not know for a fact). It’s a great idea for food that accompanies game night or airing a sporting event on the big screen. Bonus: I wouldn’t have to cook!
  5. Chicken in a red wine sauce with red mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. My mouth watered at that recommendation and that’s all I have to add.
  6. Anything in the slow cooker. I love my crock pot, I also love being able to do a little prep and have a wonderful meal with little work. Very helpful for company because you don’t get locked in the kitchen making it.

What about you? What are you go-to meals for company?

Or for an average day?

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(or doughnut, what have we settled on?)


At Brad’s request for chocolate chip cookies, I scoured Melissa’s blog for the recipe for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie she’d posted not that long ago (found here). I would eat just about anything made by Melissa, so I knew that the recipe had to be good. These cookies lived up to their lofty label. Cookies tend to end up with a weird texture and usually get hard or crunchy but these remained at the “just right” level of chewiness.

They don’t have to look good to taste good.

I tend to sub things out in my recipes because I either don’t have an ingredient or want to cut the carbs. I subbed out about half the sugar for Stevia and mixed semi-sweet chocolate chips with white chocolate chips. The cookies were bolus worthy and I’d be lying if I said I never used them to treat a low (or three).

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