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Friday Five

Bullets, bullets, bullets! Five things I’m thinking about this lovely Friday before a holiday weekend.

  1. I have a secret… and I think I’ll come clean now. I drink my beloved coffee with holiday cream in it all year long! As fall approaches, I take comfort knowing that as my current stash runs low, I’ll be able to replenish it before it runs out.
  2. I’m checking things off my list! I attended my first NFL game last night. It may have been preseason, but it still counts! I went to football games in high school and college (go Purple Raiders!) so now I’ve been to a Browns game. Read the rest of this entry

It kind of looks like…

Diabetes Blog Week Post #6

Today’s topic: Snapshot Saturday

I’m not typically a weekend blogger, but I couldn’t skip this weekend (or last weekend for that matter).

The point of today is to share with you what diabetes looks like on a daily basis. So what does daily diabetes management look like?

It kind of looks like math:


Numbers, graphs and equations

It kind of looks like a medical show: Read the rest of this entry