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Getting Organized to Move

When we moved into our apartment, we knew it’d be a temporary home, although we weren’t sure how temporary. When we unpacked, we collapsed our boxes and put them in our storage unit (along with the abandoned baby seat and beer that were left for us by the previous tenants). Those boxes had already seen a couple of college moves before going to our apartment then getting a brief vacation from the storage unit for a friend’s move, now they’re out again.


What else would you store in a unit that came equipped with beer and a car seat?

With my black belt in moving tied in a square knot, I stopped at the store and purchased packing tape, cheap scissors and two black markers. Now we attack and pack. Read the rest of this entry

The Mechanics of Moving

Brad and I recently became Clevelanders!

We moved from a small house into a large apartment over Labor Day weekend. My family was certified nomadic when I was growing up and we always moved by way of “Friends and Family Moving Co.” as my mom called it. When you move without the pros helping you out, there are some things that usually always happen. Read the rest of this entry