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Don’t hate my jeans

… my genes either.

I’m incredibly supportive of nurturing positive body-image among young women but sometimes I start feeling hated for being thin.

I saw this today (please excuse the profanity):

Found on Facebook

Ouch. I don’t particularly look like either of these models, but I own and wear size 0 jeans. Read the rest of this entry

The Olive Theory

I must be behind on things…. but I just recently learned about “the olive theory” of relationships.

The olive theory (from the show, How I Met Your Mother) in a nutshell: Marshall hates olives, but Lily loves them, and in Ted’s opinion, that’s what makes them a great couple; perfect balance.

It’s like opposites attract… Brad hates olives, I love olives. It’s the same story with pickles. Not so much with onions… we both pretty much hate them. Read the rest of this entry

When Perfectionism and Diabetes Collide

I’m a perfectionist… who has diabetes.

Sometimes it’s helpful to let my perfectionism take over my diabetes management. If I weren’t the way I am (ie a control freak, over achiever, perfectionist, compulsive worrier), I wouldn’t have the tight control influence on my diabetes that I do.

Unfortunately, I’m not always a strong enough influence on my diabetes and my little d-monster takes control making me feel like a failure. Read the rest of this entry

Bring it on 2012

I started writing a very strange in depth post about what happened to me in 2011. But then I decided I should talk about w 2012. Let’s look forward and not backward. (If you want to look backward feel free to read all the way back to November of 2010.)

As I look forward to the new year, I am in a completely different place than I was entering this one.

2012 is the first year that I’ll start with a new:

– name

– husband

– city that I call home

– outlook on life

– health condition

– job title (did I mention I got a promotion?)

There are many other things that I could add to the list, but we’ll leave it at that.

2011 was a year of change, excitement and obstacles for me. I don’t expect 2012 to be easy, nice or carefree but it is going to be new.

I’m not always the best at making New Years resolutions, so keeping them is tough anyway. But I’ll take a stab at it, in 2012 I would like to make an effort to be healthier and foster the positive relationships in my life.

What would you like to do in 2012?

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Write what you mean

If you know me in “real life” you know that I am constantly amazed and disappointed by the poor grasp of the English language that many college graduates have (mostly it’s the recent graduates but not always).

However I’ve seen some questionable phrases used by some of the most professional people that I’ve met.

The top two:

Take for granite

Read the rest of this entry

How did you get here?

Where did you come from?

I’m actually not being philosophical, I’m being slightly shallow. Chances are you dropped by this blog by way of Facebook? Which means you’re more likely to comment on its content on my Facebook.

Maybe you found me through Twitter or you’re on the cutting edge and found a post on Google Plus or maybe you just “Stumbled Upon” this blog… I’m frequently entertained by the traffic drivers to my site, specifically when it comes to search terms.

Here are some of my favorite search terms:

Getting pregnant saved my life

dog dopound (spelling error included) Read the rest of this entry


I’ve been running around “unregistered” so to speak since August. It crossed my mind a few months ago that maybe I should get a medical ID tag. I used to wear one on my ankle when my asthma was severe (i.e. aggravated by breathing in heavily chlorinated air when I worked at a pool) but I stopped wearing that years ago.

I had a passing thought that I should wear one as a diabetic in case of an emergency. Then at Thanksgiving both my mother and my grandmother-in-law (is that a real title?) asked if I would be getting one. So I ordered my Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet on black Friday. I ordered it without the intent of blogging about being tagged, but alas here I am broadcasting my new bling:20111206-122219.jpg Read the rest of this entry

I’m Always Right…

Handed that is.

Have you ever figured out seating arrangements based on who is right handed and who is left handed? When I was growing up, I typically sat between my mom and sister (both lefties). Young children can easily adapt to situations and instead of entering into a battle of elbows, I ate left handed like they did.

I still think and act mostly like a righty though. In high school, I competed in the International Extemp category on the speech team. For this category, we had filing bins with news articles and on our team you shared a set of bins with one other person. My “bin partner” was a boy named Shane who was left handed. Did you know that there is a drastically different method of filing for right and left-handed people? Read the rest of this entry

Everyone has a story, mine was a rough day

The rough day started at 1:15 a.m. when I woke up thinking I was dying and Brad woke up thinking that the A/C had broken. Both of our issues were caused by my 49 mg/dL blood glucose (non diabetics, that’s low). Having never experienced low blood sugar in the middle of the night it really freaked me out. Especially since I had recently read about a girl passing away in her sleep from low blood sugar.

That’s not really the way I like to start my day and it put me on track for a long, tired day. After work I had to rush through the grocery store and get home before the office closed to pick up my box from the medical supply company because I was completely out of test strips (I cut it too close this time).

When I was leaving the grocery store, I had a green light and needed to turn right. I noticed an elderly woman beginning to cross the street from the other direction and judged that the distance was safe enough not to startle her and turned. At which point she felt compelled to bellow, at the top of her lungs, “JERK!” at me. Because when you cross the road, you need all 4 lanes to yourself. (I am not a crazy driver, my turn was perfectly safe.)

If she knew what my day had been like maybe she wouldn’t have yelled at me. If I knew what was going on in her life, maybe I would have let my green light pass and given her the whole street.

I had just read this post on Kyle Lacy’s blog on that same rough day and watched the Chick Fil A video about every life having a story.

It kind of brings a sense of reality to everyday life. If we knew each others’ stories, would we act differently?


After watching that video, I thought of the signs that could have easily been over my head in something like that. Especially the weekend that I was released from the hospital and lost my dad. There was so much in my own life that occupied my thoughts that it surely had to be visible to others.

Sometimes not knowing someone’s story and then being a genuine, kind humane being is enough.

On that same day, I got home to this email:

Rachel, you are a GENIUS!  I had no idea this was even an option until you mentioned it and just didn’t think it was possible!  Love you!

It was the nicest thank you email for the smallest recommendation in response to a question about Facebook.

Hi! I’m Rachel Engel..stetter?

The honeymoon is over… literally. My new husband and I have just returned from our wonderful honeymoon which means now the real work begins! Setting up our home and of course legally changing my name.

I went to return a call yesterday and introduced myself as Rachel Engelhardt. She had called for Rachel Kerstetter. Whoops!

It’s kind of an identity crisis but eventually I will be settled in with my new name. But for now, the parentheses are out!

Stay tuned…

Rachel (Engelhardt) Kerstetter