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Crazy Eyes

The last time I went to the eye doctor was my freshman year of college. My optometrist at the time said I didn’t need to come back until I graduated…. so I waited a year after that and made an ophthalmologist appointment for yesterday.

They did not do the annoying puff test to check my interocular pressure… they did the touch test. I think that was freakier and more unpleasant. I also felt nothing.

This was the first time that I’ve ever had my eyes dilated as well, so it was strange, really strange. A different person did my regular eye exam and the ophthalmologist came in after my pupils had overtaken my eyes. I tried not to be offended when he said, “I see that the main reason you’re here is because of diabetes, now you’re type 2?” He made the sweeping assumption that because I was diagnosed in my 20s that I was type 2. (Also: Um read my chart? It should clearly say type 1, my eyes are dilated, not yours.) I corrected him and he asked what my last blood sugar reading was as well as my a1c.

At the end of my appointment, he said out loud while he wrote, “Insulin-dependent diabetic: No eye complications. Benign freckle* on left eye.” I wouldn’t be me without something slightly strange written on my chart.

I left the office with a prescription for new glasses and I had my shades on by the time I hit the all-glass lobby of the medical building. My pupils remained crazy big when I went to bed last night (they put the drops in around 4:15pm).

Freaky, right?

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