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Friday Five: Confessions

This Friday Five thing might become a regular feature….

Anyway it’s time for some confessions of the week:

  1. I lost my credit card when I stopped to buy a head of lettuce at the store. I searched my purse, car and house before we reported it missing to the company. I’ll have a new card tomorrow. I found my “lost” card about an hour after the report, stuck to my driver’s license.
  2. I enjoyed a cup of coffee before my dentist appointment today (and after).
  3. I have already been plotting Christmas gifts for people, but I’m holding back because it seems so early to get them. Read the rest of this entry

It Might As Well Look Good

I find myself saying this a lot about all of my diabetes crap stuff.

“If I have to have this stuff with me it might as well look good.”

I have all of this not so stylish medical stuff that I have to should either wear or keep with me. I mentioned last summer that I bought a nice, new purse to accommodate my meter kit and insulin pens. The stuff that I carry has multiplied with the addition of my insulin pump and my CGM so my lovely purse is stuffed.

I also started wearing a medical id tag last winter after several relatives mentioned it’d be a good idea and/or offered to buy me one (I have generous family members). I bought a bracelet that looked good with what I wear on a regular basis (black, big surprise) but I wanted variety… apparently a lot of if. At $30-$60 a pop, ordering the other styles that I like is not an option, so I got crafty and made some of my own. The only things I bought for the specific purpose of the bracelets were lobster clasps and some super clearanced beads. Otherwise, I’m upcycling with leftover beads from wedding projects, old bracelets I’d stopped wearing and charms that came on my mom’s lotion bottles (thanks mom!).


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Finger Nails

You know that I love Pinterest. Which also means that I’ve seen a lot of crazy strange creative things that people are now doing with their nails…

Making one nail special:


Putting junk stuff on them:


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Happy Easter

I may not have given anything up for Lent, but I am still very much looking forward to its end because at the end of Lent, you get Easter.

Today is Good Friday, and I take a moment to appreciate what today means for me, but I’m really looking forward to the celebration on Sunday.

I always loved church as Christmas and Easter. The joy levels multiply exponentially.

As a kid, both holidays meant pretty dresses and fun treats. Most years, Easter also meant spring!

As a grown up, Easter is less about treats (especially since I’ve chosen to forgo the Peeps and jelly beans this year). This year, we are celebrating in the church where my husband grew up and where we got married. It’s always special to go back there. The holiday is a good excuse to spend time with family and look forward to the many good things that this spring will bring.

… I still like the dresses!

Easter 2009

Happy Easter!

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What’s in Rachel’s Purse?

The other day, Victoria’s Secret asked its Facebook fans, “What [is] the one thing in your purse that you can’t live without?” (grammatical error corrected by me)

In the first 36 minute there were 2,048 responses. I briefly scanned some of them, already knowing basically what my answer would be. What appeared to be the most common responses (I have a life, therefore I didn’t read them all) were:

  • Lip gloss/lipstick/chapstick
  • Phone
  • Money/credit cards
  • Body spray

Other standouts included: hand sanitizer, keys, tampons and gun. Yes, that made the list.

But lip gloss was by far the most popular answer.

Any guesses on my answer? (which I didn’t post, so don’t bother looking for the thread) Read the rest of this entry


I’ve been running around “unregistered” so to speak since August. It crossed my mind a few months ago that maybe I should get a medical ID tag. I used to wear one on my ankle when my asthma was severe (i.e. aggravated by breathing in heavily chlorinated air when I worked at a pool) but I stopped wearing that years ago.

I had a passing thought that I should wear one as a diabetic in case of an emergency. Then at Thanksgiving both my mother and my grandmother-in-law (is that a real title?) asked if I would be getting one. So I ordered my Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet on black Friday. I ordered it without the intent of blogging about being tagged, but alas here I am broadcasting my new bling:20111206-122219.jpg Read the rest of this entry

The Wife Chop

It’s nothing like a karate chop but it is pretty brutal sometimes.

You see, when Brad and I started talking about getting married (way long ago before he even proposed) I decided that I should start growing out my painfully fine hair so someday I could have material for a stunning wedding ‘do.

Well I got my hair as long as it has been (or ever will be probably) and had enough to style for the big day.

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Happiness is a New Purse

Ok, not really but the new purse is nice.

Last month I ended up with several “must-have” items to carry in my already-full purse. Things that take up space like a glucose meter, insulin pen, alcohol wipes and glucose tablets. I told Brad, “I need a bigger purse!”

To my surprise he said that yes I do and that I should “invest” in a nice purse. One that I can enjoy carrying (is that possible?). So off to the outlets we went to find Rachel a new bag.

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Dressing for Success. Part 2

When I started working at the car dealership, I was handed a dress code and was required to sign my agreement to follow it. No jeans, no shirts with words, no cleavage, no belly showing, no facial piercings or visible tattoos, no tank tops, etc. This dress code was easy to follow because it flat out said: look professional.

My husband and I now both work in agencies and never received guidelines like a dress code. As young adults, we have plenty of fashion options available to us, so we take visual cues from those around us. There are people in our offices who wear jeans daily. In fact when I interned at another agency, I wore jeans most days because everyone else did.

Apparently both outfits are work-appropriate

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