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A Matched Set

His and Hers towels may be adorable, but his and hers tire damage and subsequent replacements?


His sidewall gash and my puncture

Not so much.

Two of the many reasons I loathe road construction. Read the rest of this entry

50 Miles. No Gas.

I’m not a car blogger and I never will be, but this was too good not to talk about, so let me start at the beginning….

Last weekend, Brad and I had the opportunity to use a Nissan Leaf for the afternoon.

Nissan Leaf

The Leaf is Nissan’s all-electric car. It uses no gas. None. It also completely blows my mind because there are a lot of counter intuitive things about this car that make. complete. sense. At least when you step out of your I’ve only ever driven a gas-powered car before mindset.

If you want to know how an electric car works, this is not the blog for you to read. I want to tell you about the experience of driving one for the afternoon. Read the rest of this entry