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Wordless Wednesday: My Nightmare



I’d like the 2 lanes to go back to 5. Thanks.

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Wordless Wednesday: Caption needed

Summer in March

The crazy nice weather this winter has not gone unnoticed. I just can’t help myself but to talk about it.

For once, the weather is a legitimate conversation topic and not just small talk!

The past two weekends, Brad and I have enjoyed spending time outside and leaving our windows open. It’s still technically winter, but the temps are creeping into the upper 70s. I’ve actually worn shorts twice! We’ve already enjoyed a backyard barbeque with our friends.

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The Husband’s Birthday Weekend

My husband celebrated his birthday on Thursday, we decided to do most of our celebrating this weekend.

My in-laws came up on Saturday and we sent the guys off to the Cleveland Auto Show where they claim to have enjoyed themselves. They got to look at, sit in, ride in and even test drive some pretty cool cars.

Brad actually grabbed this video of the Jeep Experience while he was waiting in line to participate (Check out how many Jeeps they have running the course and everything happening in the background!):

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Exploring our new home

We’re started to get to know our new home (Cleveland) a little better, so I thought I’d share with you. The other night we went out to dinner to celebrate my promotion at the Great Lakes Brewing Company and scheduled a tour of the brewery. They offer free brewery tours on the weekends so we took advantage on a Thursday evening..

Not what it looks like on a January evening. {From Great Lakes Brewing Co.}

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Snow Wimps

We moved to Cleveland on a 90-degree day in September. Seasons in Ohio in general aren’t linear. You can even have weather for all seasons within the same week. So it’s not surprising that we’re having what I think of as an atypical winter.

We got our first major snow this month. After predicting a major snow storm on New Year’s Day, the snow decided to arrive fashionably late. When we moved up here, we knew what to expect, which is part of why we purchased and all wheel drive vehicle. We were fully prepared for snow on Friday morning, we woke up early, remote started our cars (Merry Christmas to me!) and headed out ready to brush and scrape. Although there were inches of snow in the unplowed parking lot, the cars were almost completely cleaned from the wind! We found out that they only salt intersections near home so there were a few inches of snow on the road too.. lengthening commute times. Something that is expected in the winter. Brad’s commute was much longer than normal because snow+the interstate makes people a little crazy (and there was a car on fire somewhere).

Brad snapped this picture of the sign saying it would take 62 minutes to travel 11 miles

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