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Friday Five: Hello August!

Happy August friends!

August kind of feels like a big month for me this year. I can’t seem to keep everything organized into neat posts today so you get bullets:

  • Love and Marriage. My Matron of Honor duties are beginning to wrap up (still weird being a “matron”). I’m finalizing little things and preparing for a last hurrah for my friend as a “miss.” Of course my friend is getting married this month! I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for probably about 2 years. I’m also ashamed to admit that I’m looking forward to the last wedding on the books for  this year to wrap up so that I have a bit of a break before the 2014 weddings start coming (The calendar already has 3 on it!)
  • Home. Next week is one year since actually moving into our house. It feels like yesterday, but it also feels like forever ago.
  • Blue. So far I like my G4 Dexcom.. I’m liking the blue but keeping an eye on Pump Peelz for a decal patter/color combo that I like. I feel like there used to be one I liked but now that I actually have the Dexcom nothing speaks to me so far.

  • Low. Speaking of my Dexcom and that lovely 55 (don’t worry I’m eating as I type!) My newest low symptom is blurred vision… which is also a high symptom. Also… not being able to keep my fingers on the right keys.
  • Sewing. My new dress form… yet to be named. Might be christened with a refashion for a work social event this weekend. That is contingent on finding time to sew this weekend.

What’s August hold for you?

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Baring Arms Dress

I got this short sleeve, blue ruffle dress new for a whopping $8 to wear for Easter. I wore it on Easter, neglected to get a picture and wasn’t thrilled. The sleeves were just okay and didn’t quite feel like they fit quite right. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dress, just a little eh in the sleeves and possibly overwhelming in the ruffles.

Excuse my headlessness, I was having a bad hair day

I probably can’t call this a refashion and should just say I altered this dress. I decided to make it sleeveless and wear it to the wedding of two college friends last Saturday. My first step was to remove the sleeves at the seam and see how the arm holes would work. Read the rest of this entry


This time of year has become marked by a whirlwind of birthdays, graduations, holidays and anniversaries.

There is a lot in my life to celebrate… especially today.

Two years ago today, I woke up in a hotel room with one of my best friends. It was chilly and cloudy, and there were butterflies in my stomach. My friend drove us to Starbucks while I prayed it didn’t rain. The moment that we arrived at the church, time sped up and seemed to fly by until I was sitting with my father and some of my closest friends, with a church full of people upstairs. My father prayed for me, for the man who would be standing at the alter and for the marriage that we would have.


One year ago today, I woke up in a hotel room with my husband. It was sunny and warm, and we were amazed that 365 366 days (2012 was a Leap Year) had passed so quickly. We ate year-old cake and celebrated surviving and thriving through a very tough first year of marriage (tough in this sense) .


This morning, I woke up next to my husband, in our own bed. In the house that we bought together and I honestly couldn’t be happier.


After dating for 3 years, being engaged for nearly 2 and 2 years of marriage, it’s no surprise that we’ve have been through a lot of ups and downs together, but I can honestly say that year 2 of marriage was more ups than downs. We have a lot to celebrate from this past year!

Happy second anniversary Brad!  I love you and I love being your wife.

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How did you plan your wedding without Pinterest?

One of my best friends is getting married this summer and over the weekend she asked me that question.

How did you plan your wedding without Pinterest?

Pinterest has been a powerful wedding and event planning tool for the last couple of years. My friend uses it to find inspiration, hunt for instructions, bookmark ideas and many other things. I started a group board for her bridesmaids and myself to plan for her bridal shower.

When I think back to starting our wedding plans in 2009 the way that I planned our wedding seems archaic. I got ideas from wedding magazines, bridal shows, physical stores, other weddings, blogs and great sites like the Knot and Wedding Wire. I tore out pages and kept them in a planning book. I kept spreadsheets. I stored pictures and ideas in documents on my computer. All of which resulted in the wedding that we wanted.

Made my own veil without Pinterest’s help. {Photo by Chatman Photography}

I actually thought at multiple points in the planning process, “How did people plan weddings before blogs?”

Weddings now have their own category on Pinterest, having been separated from “Weddings and Events” because anymore the first thing a girl does when she has an engagement ring on her finger gets a Pinterest account is create a wedding board. As an old a boring a married lady, clicking on the Wedding category on Pinterest is overwhelming. There’s just so. much. stuff. I used to lament that Pinterest didn’t exist when I was planning our wedding, but I’m kind of glad it didn’t. I would have been overwhelmed and changing my mind on a regular basis. It would have been hard to shake the feeling that my wedding could never be as amazing as the pins on Pinterest are.

I’m glad I did it in the way that’s becoming “old-fashioned.”

I am incredibly happy that Pinterest existed when we were buying our house and planning what to do with it. Our dining room is basically Pinterest plagarism. But it helped my husband imagine the room when he could see what the end result would look like. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day dear readers!

I’m loving Valentine’s Day this year! It started off not so great but definitely improved. I have to say that I’m a completely spoiled little wife. Last year on our first married Valentine’s Day, Brad delivered roses to me at work. This year, I wasn’t expecting anything and in a strange repeat of last year, I was in my boss’ office when he shows up with roses again and Starbucks! He knows me so well.

I’m really excited about our dinner this evening, the menu is:

In the spirit of love, romance and marriage blogging, I’m linking up for Valentine’s Day and answering these questions (and so is Brad!): Read the rest of this entry

Down the Drain

It happened last night. It was one of those moments when your heart stops and you want to close your eyes so you can open them to find out it didn’t actually happen.

But it did.

Brad and I were baking yesterday evening and had placed our wedding rings in their little bowl that lives in the kitchen, specifically meant to protect them from goopy food stuff or harsh dish-washing. I reached over the sink to grab the ring bowl and mine flew out of the bowl straight into the sink drain.

I froze for a second and then did the only thing I could think of. I yelled. “BRAD!

He came rushing to my aid. It had fallen into the garbage disposal side of the sink. Which ended up being basically the best situation. Once he knew where my ring had gone, he threw open the cabinet and unplugged the disposal, snagged a flashlight and was eventually able to lift my ring to safety with his grilling tongs.

Sink drains are not surprisingly high on the Top 10 Places Women Lose Rings. Yesterday’s ring drama was very upsetting and thankfully the solution was quick.

Will I be more careful in the future? Absolutely. The bowl will be my farther from the sink next time as well.

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Sometimes I’m Amazed

At the risk of sounding like a gushy, wide-eyed school girl, I feel like I should say this:

Sometimes I’m truly amazed by my husband.

I love my husband, he’s a wonderful, intelligent, confident, funny and kind man. He also has an amazing drive coupled with willpower like no other. I knew these things about him, but they’ve been coming to life with his desire to get our new home completely ready before we settle there.

Now we bought a move-in ready house, but with time left on our apartment lease we decided that we needed to at least paint the dining room (it was yellow, remember?). When we walked through the house, he said, “You know we should probably just paint the whole thing before we put stuff in it.” We also opted to replace the carpet that was faded in high-traffic areas and since the previous owners had a dog we decided to start fresh. So we ripped out all of the carpet. We finished painting and removing carpet last weekend. All of the old carpet had been put in the garage to be cut down and rolled for the trash service to take away. We also needed some miscellaneous plumbing work done.

Throughout the painting and tear out, Brad lifted the heavy things, painted the high things and kept plugging away at things showing amazing endurance.

He was off work yesterday to get things ready for tomorrow (Moving Day!). I got a text around lunch time, basically telling me that he was playing Xbox. I assumed he was taking a lunch break and relaxing a bit… he was trying to rile me up. Then he sent me this picture:

Read the rest of this entry

(Not Really) Wordless Wednesday: First Anniversary

Monday marked one year of marriage for the K-Couple.

This was us on May 28, 2011

One Year Later Read the rest of this entry

Marriage and Blogging

If you haven’t been reading me from the beginning, you may not know that I used to be a wedding blogger.

The night Brad proposed

About four months after Brad proposed, I was browsing wedding blogs over Christmas break and dreaming about how our wedding would be. On one of the wedding boards I was reading, someone shared a link to a blog post about a bride who wore beautiful green shoes (I have zero hope of finding that exact post again, but I know it still exists!). After spending a couple of hours scouring the blogs and reading about the wedding plans that the “garden” of bloggers were making, I saw that they were looking for bride bloggers so I applied. My first post as “Lilac Bud” went live on January 20, 2010.

Over 120 posts and two years, I shared my thoughts, plans, stories and pictures with a garden of women in the same boat. But it became clear to me that since becoming Mrs. K, my time to write and thoughts to share were dwindling. I shifted my focus to this blog.

Today, I said goodbye to the garden as “Lilac Blossom” and shared some final thoughts on love, life and marriage. You can find them here.

It felt like our first year of marriage flew by.

Until now.

Our first anniversary is in 11 days. It somehow seems like May is going in slow motion though.

I may not be blogging as a wedding planning, marriage advice giving flower anymore, but I will still share some highlights of married life.

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Not Too Young

I would like to rant vent about my peers for a moment… Let me start by saying, it is in no way our right to judge the life decisions of our peers, especially without examining our own decisions first.

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all of the crap commentary I’m reading from people in their 20s about getting married. I’m talking about the people who apparently think I was out of my mind for getting married soon after college.

Everyone in my age group (let’s say ages 20-25, I’m not going to cover a whole generation) are in totally different places in their lives. There’s everything from people who started working straight out of high school, to people working toward a degree and college grads with and without jobs then there are people in grad school. Some of us are married, some engaged, dating or single. Some are even parents. And we’re all about the same age. Read the rest of this entry