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Three Years of Twitter

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I received this tweet:

It’s my twitter birthday today… who knew? I’ve been on Twitter for three years, when you think about it, three years isn’t very long. The first public tweet was sent a little over six and a half years ago.

No one can claim that Twitter is new anymore. My use of Twitter has mostly grown and changed over the last three years, including a handle change and all of the format changes. I remember in the weeks that I first started using it (on my BlackBerry no less!) I made sure the read every tweet in my timeline. It’d probably have blown my mind to know that now I scan the timeline and gain just as much, if not more, information.

Without that TwBirthday tweet, today would have gone unnoticed which is totally okay. But it’s cool to think about the beginning of things compared to how they are now.

Would you celebrate the anniversary of joining Twitter, Facebook or another social site?


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Think Before You Speak (Tweet, Post, Etc.)

Those of us who work with social media and use it for ourselves face the challenge of keeping our accounts straight. For me this challenge isn’t very hard because I’m very conscientious of my social media usage. I also try to not come across as an idiot on my personal accounts too.

My bosses, my clients and my grandmother can find me very easily online and the last thing I want to do is look unprofessional or immature to any of them. Also, I’d very much like to add value to the internet with what I do.

During last night’s debate, the KitchenAid Twitter account featured a very unprofessional, rude and grammatically unsound, tweet that promoted a lot of bad things being said about people who do what I do (that would be operate social media accounts on behalf of companies). There’s already been a significant amount of age-ist commentary about having 20-somethings run a company’s social media efforts.

This article, with the headline: KitchenAid Tweet Shows, Yet Again, Why Social Needs Mature Talent made me cringe. Someone who typically acts as the voice for a brand screwed up and made the rest of us look bad… again.

This is the bottom line as far as I’m concerned: Think before you speak.

Pausing before sending a tweet is enough to help you realize that you’re logged into the wrong account or that you’re about to let your emotions, strong opinions or whatever else take over and make you look like a fool.

I may not always act professional on my own social accounts, but I strive to act like a mature human being. Something that KitchenAid should look for in a replacement community manager for their Twitter account.

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How to lose fans and allienate supporters

Lately some sort of flu is going around the social media community that ticks me off. It causes community managers (or the intern or volunteer people put in charge of Facebook and Twitter) to host a giveaway and announce that the X number liker or follower will win a prize. I have been know to unlike and unfollow brands that do this.


You want to get more supporters and gain a larger social audience… I follow you so far. But giving away a gift card to the 2,000th (or whatever) person who likes your page, follows you, etc. is a slap in the face from those who have been with you from the beginning… you know before you started giving away free stuff?

Follower/fan drives, can be an effective way to get more visibility online… but not at the expense of losing the people who actually stand behind your brand.

So shift your focus off the exact numerical “supporter” and instead do a drawing… the fair way, that your supporters can all get excited about.

Your message should be, “We’re excited to reach X number of fans/followers soon. Once we hit X number, we’ll draw the name of one (or more!) of our supporters to win a prize!”

It seems so incredibly simple and fair to me.

Don’t forget to say thanks to the people who make (or break) your brand online.

Who out there is doing this well?

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Twitter as customer service

The customer has it figured out, but companies are neglecting it!

Twitter is like word-of-mouth advertising (one of the fastest growing areas of communication) but the kicker here is that companies can and should respond (to good and bad) tweets about them. And they aren’t.

Honestly, we vent on Twitter when we have a bad experience and it’s a golden and free opportunity to make things right for a customer. And the customer wants them to respond!

Based on this study by Maritz Research, only 1/3 of the people they surveyed who had tweeted a complaint received a response. 86% of those who didn’t receive a response wanted one.

As a customer, I would rather tweet at you than call customer service and get put on hold.

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Social Media + Customer Service = Starbucks Success

I don’t like math, but things like this blog title make sense to me.

I occasionally use Twitter to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the brands that I follow. Recently, I tweeted:

Everyone is talking about pumpkin spice lattes and I want one. @Starbucks can they be made skinny and sugar free? #PSL #diabetes

I’ve been pretty bummed that I can’t shouldn’t have some of my favorite treats recently.

I really enjoy Starbucks. We had it on our cruise, several times at the ONLY Starbucks at sea

Later that day, I had a Direct Message from Starbucks asking me to email them details. Read the rest of this entry

Analysis of my social media practices

I obsess over use social media…. a lot of social media. It interests me.

We visited with a friend who made fun of Twitter, FourSquare and Google+ all in one sitting. Afterward, I decided to dissect my motives for the social media that I use.

  • Facebook: Facebook is still the king of social networks, it’s been around since high school and I use it to connect with friends and relatives with the occasional brand liking or general creeping that most users participate in. Read the rest of this entry

Where I get my news

When I was in high school I was completely obsessed with immersed in current events because I competed on the speech team in International Extemp. Now, unfortunately, I’m not as immersed.

I do occasionally check news online, however I believe that I am now one of those people. Meaning that I seem to get a lot of my news on social media, primarily on Twitter.

I know that I’m not the only one. News is changing and people are becoming more involved in generating news coverage. For example, we recently felt an earthquake in Northeast Ohio (which is an extremely uncommon occurrence). Twitter is where information on the earthquake broke. We were talking about it long before the reporters were.

Does that mean I only read information about the earthquake on Twitter?

No. Once the news broke I started searching news sources for information and details… but it took a fair amount of time before I could get real reports.

The way I see it, Twitter (and other social platforms) are news-related tools.

Where do you get your news?

Similar to you

Twitter tries to tell me that there are all sorts of people who are similar to me. Some of these people I actually know (ie Abby) and others I have no idea where they got the idea that we’re similar.

Here are some of the commonalities in the tweets of all of these people who are apparently like me:

– Coffee

– Communication

– Mount Union

– Weddings

These common threads lead me to believe:

Twitter believes I’m addicted to coffee and communicate a lot as well as have a great deal of school spirit while blogging about wedding planning.

The Relationship between Social Networks and Smartphones

If you missed me at Scholar Day, here’s the whirlwind tour of my 3 semester-long research study.

Read the rest of this entry

Thanks Foursquare!

The more time I spend on social media, the more I realize that I need to figure it out more in depth.

One of these realizations led me to finally join foursquare and figure it out. Foursquare just gave me one more reason to love my BlackBerry….

I would consider myself a light user. I don’t check in everywhere, every day. I do check in when I think I’m somewhere cool. For example we went to Dave and Buster’s for my fiance’s birthday and I checked in there. The next day I got a notification that Dave and Buster’s had started following me on Twitter. Yay!

Then I spent 5 days in the Seattle area over Spring Break and checked in basically everywhere (because I visited a lot of cool places!). Not only did I earn badges that way, a lot of the places started following me on Twitter too!

All in all, I have so far gained about 8 new Twitter followers because of foursquare in the month or so that I’ve been using it. I’m not so sure they actually care what I have to say, but it makes me feel good that they picked me.

Thanks foursquare!