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Whatever happened to customer service?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I appreciate good customer service and get upset with poor service. I haven’t really ranted about customer service for awhile so…

48-Hours to Schedule an Oil Change

When I needed to schedule an oil change, I went to the dealership website and they direct all service appointments to this online scheduling form… as in you can’t call the service department directly or find how to make an appointment if you don’t want to do the form. So I filled in the form and waited more than 24 hours. I heard nothing… so I called the dealership and asked to be transferred to service. I had to leave a voice mail. I missed the call back (let me not they called me back right at closing time) and asked me to call them the next day when they were open again. I said that I wanted an appointment for any time on Friday. ANY TIME! I can even drop my car off in the morning and leave it with them all day to squeeze in. Why couldn’t they just schedule it or tell me that Friday wasn’t available?  The next morning, before they were “open” I actually got an email, saying to call and schedule an appointment for the next week and Friday wasn’t good. Two days after I made the original request.  I was able to get an appointment for tomorrow so they called my husband to confirm. What is that? I’ve mentioned before that the dealer hasn’t been the best about customer service anyway. I love my car, but when my lease is up, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.

Meter Inspection Date

Then the gas company needs to inspect our meter, which surprise, surprise it’s not accessible from the outside and someone needs to let them into our home to look at the meter. The postcard they sent said, “make every effort to do the work at a date a time that is convenient for you.”

The postcard’s message.

That turned out to be a load of crap. We tried to schedule a real, actual appointment at a convenient time just to find out that you aren’t able to schedule a date and time, just give them a time frame (ie morning, afternoon, evening) and they’ll call you “30 minutes” before arriving at your house. My husband was able to get us “an evening” which is defined by 4:30-8:30 on some evening at some time in the future… We didn’t know when. Last night when we got home, there was a tag on the door that they had come for an inspection. Neither of us got a call, they just showed up sometime during the work day. Brad called them and explained that they never called, had they called him he could have been home and the inspection would be done… wonder of wonders! They gave us a date… an actual date for the inspection! Like he’d asked for in the first place. Let’s see if we actually get a call now…

Have you noticed a recent increase in advertising that highlight excellent service as a benefit? The reason why is because everyone pretty much sucks at customer service, so companies that have truly good service have their different and better right there.

Rant Over.

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Dress to Date Night Top

I bought this dress on a super clearance from Target, in all honesty I needed to spend just a few dollars more for free shipping or something and I liked the print.

I wore this once as a dress over the winter with tights, boots and a sweater. I felt a little awkward, it came to a “midi” length on me which isn’t my best length option and felt just a bit too busy. I decided to change it up that day.

Old image via Target

I really liked the soft jersey material and the cowl neck, so I literally just chopped it off a few inches below the belt loops. I’ve now worn it several times to work with dress pants or with jeans. Last Friday, I wore it with jeans and my favorite green flats. After work Brad and I headed out for a date night. Read the rest of this entry

Can you take our picture?

We’re officially in wedding season, plus it’s vacation, picnic and special event season as well. I’m betting it’ll happen to you.

“Can you take our picture?”

The question is frequently asked by strangers, but sometimes friends. So here are some tips that I want people to take into account when I hand over my phone or camera for a picture with my beloved or a friend.

  • Take more than one. Chances are you aren’t wasting film since almost everyone uses digital. Take at least two pictures for people. We blink, look away, have someone walk through or have a finger over the lens. We can delete the bad ones so don’t be afraid to take a few. Also, offer a review. Let the person check the photo before you walk away.
  • Get the shoes. *ahem, men: get the shoes.* When a woman is dressed for an event (from a picnic to a wedding) she has definitely put thought into her shoes and they are an important part of the outfit. Take at least one vertical picture for her that includes her shoes. I’ve had people take pictures of me at various events and the picture, although full-body, cuts off at my ankles. Get the whole outfit, if it turns out they didn’t want shoes in the picture, they can crop them out… you can’t add them in so better safe than sorry.

    This one almost got the shoes.

  • Give a warning.  Read the rest of this entry

Stop Scolding

As a person with a large medical team (six right now), a lot of time and careful planning goes into getting the medical stuff that I need while still having this wonderful thing people like to call “a life.”

Lately, I’ve been fed up with being scolded by medical office staff and emails from my pharmacy. Today I just need to vent.

Last year, all of my medical visits hit at the same time and I was completely overwhelmed by everything. Because of that and our insurance all of my visits needed to be spaced out. I looked at the state of my health and decided to push my annual exam back a couple of months. When I scheduled my appointment, I let the nurse know that I would run out of my current prescription a couple of weeks before my appointment. She assured me that would be fine and to just call their refill line and explain that I need an additional month to hold to my appointment. I thanked her and that was that… Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I got a voice mail from Debbie in my doctor’s office. I’m definitely paraphrasing but it said something like: We got a call from your pharmacy requesting a refill on your prescription. You haven’t been seen since February so we can’t refill your prescription unless you make an appointment. You need to call our office and make an appointment.

The message would have been fine if a few things were different: 1. If her tone were pleasant or at least not so freaking rude. 2. If she had checked to see my appointment on the books for May. 3. If she had left the office number instead of making me look it up. Read the rest of this entry

Feeling Left Out

I’m back on the customer service, good communication, former car dealership employee platform.

In late December, I traded in my car for a newer model. It wasn’t a stellar experience, but it also wasn’t horrible. Our salesman and the mangers knew that we were buying the car for me. My name was in the computer already because I’d taken my old car there for maintenance. Me, me, me! (Do I sound whiney?)

We’re even dressed alike!

The new car is in both of our names. My information was first on all of the paperwork. I drive the car every day. I keep the car clean. I will take the car in for scheduled  maintenance.

So imagine my surprise, when thank you emails arrived in my inbox, at an email address that is my name, that were addressed to Brad. I got phone calls on my cell number for Brad from the dealership. The card in the mail, the calendar, the junk they send…. all addressed to Brad (and only Brad). When we picked up my plates and registration, Brad’s name was first. (And they called him to report that the plates were in.)

Then to add insult to injury, I got “Happy Birthday!” emails for Brad, all throughout February. I have no idea why I’m surprised that with my birthday in two days I haven’t received anything addressed to me for my own car.

It’s probably something alphabetical, but it feels pretty sexist. I made the buying decision for this vehicle. I’m also the one deciding whether or not to return to that auto group for future vehicle needs and frankly, it’s not looking good.

The bottom line: Read the rest of this entry

Diabetes Sleep Interruptions

Dexcom vibrated on the nightstand and I ignored it. I heard it, but I ignored it. It vibrated again, but this time was accompanied by the ear-splitting “beep” alarm. Instinctively I threw out my arm and dragged the glowing receiver in front of my face. It said I was high, reading me at 184 and the time registered as 4:15 am. I rolled over onto my back, holding the receiver on my chest and allowed my eyes to droop closed again and the screen’s glow lit up the entire bedroom.

“Are you going to handle that,” mumbled Brad, causing me to open my eyes again. I didn’t want to get it, I just wanted to go back to sleep. I reluctantly pricked my finger and tested while my husband stumbled to the bathroom.

“What was it?” Brad asked when he climbed back into bed.

“It was 141, I didn’t need to be awake,” I complained and went back to sleep.

The longer I live with diabetes, the less annoying the various aspects of self-care become. I’m pretty sure that I will never stop being annoyed with the sleep interruptions though. Read the rest of this entry

At the end of my rope… or power cord

Last night, when left alone in the living room for five minutes, Holmes chewed through the power cord on Brad’s Macbook Pro… while it was charging.

I thought that he had gotten his chewing under control a few months ago, but I guess I was wrong. I He used to chew on everything and we thought it was teething (it very well could still be) so I bought the cats a set of baby keys that helped for awhile but then became a game of hiding the keys in my slippers.

Watson rarely chews on anything, instead he’s a compulsive padder, which is way more cute than destructive. Holmes has now ruined two iPhone cords, an optical cable, a surround sound wire and now the expensive power cord to Brad’s computer. He tries to chew on every wire he sees, which puts our lamps and every single electronic device at risk. In our house, it is not an option to not have cords around.  Not a single cord is left dangling that would catch his attention, the power cord was actually covered and he pulled it out to chew through it.

Last night Brad was ready to give the cat away. We’re both concerned that his affinity for cords is going to get him electrocuted. Right now, the cats stay in our third bedroom while we’re working or away from home, there aren’t any cords in that room except the one on my sewing machine that is stored away when it’s not in use. This seems unfair because Watson suffers as well. We can’t separate them for the whole day, Watson is co-dependent and when they were sick and separated, he didn’t get better until we had them both back and together. Obviously Holmes doesn’t understand that if he doesn’t chew cords, he can roam the house all day.

This crazy cat lady need advice help. Is there something else that we can do to stop the cord-chewing?

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • Distracting him with a cat toy when he starts sniffing at cords
  • Squirting him with water
  • Putting hot sauce on the cords
  • Spraying bitter spray (that’s sold at the pet store to stop cats from scratching or chewing on things)
  • Making loud, startling noises to scare him away from cords
  • Positive reinforcement when he chews on his toys instead of the cords
  • Tucking the cords out of sight the best we can
  • Physically moving him elsewhere when he goes toward cords

We can train our cats to stay off the table and not scratch furniture, why can’t we stop the chewing? Help?

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Diabetes Lately

Back up your settings

At Stacey’s tip, I took pictures of my basal rate, target blood sugar and IC ratio menus on my PDM and promptly saved them to the cloud. Why? Because stuff happens. Technology can have a mind of it’s own and trying to remember pump settings isn’t easy, especially with variable rates like most of us have.

Mystery holes

Poke once, bleed twice:

I actually poked the left side which makes it even weirder.

Annoyed Read the rest of this entry


Last night, my husband and I were discussing a “Biggest Loser” type of work challenge (and honestly it was mainly a “hey this reminds me of those episodes on the Office” conversation).

Image via

I’m all for workplaces encouraging their employees to be healthy, but my sense of fairness gets a little offended when people can win great prizes from their employer for losing weight, but the employees who are already maintaining a healthy weight are completely left out.

Maybe I’m being sensitive.

What do you think? Do you think programs like the one I mentioned alienate already fit employees?

How would you recommend employers incentivize their staff to be healthy (not exclusively weight loss)? Or should they stay out of it?

My personal opinion is that if some sort of fitness competition is going to be organized, it should be a goal-oriented, overall wellness competition. Weight loss may be an important goal for some, for others increasing strength, indurance or flexibility may be more important goals. Health reward programs at work should be open to everyone.

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Friendly Reminder

If you don’t know at least one person who had (or has) the flu, consider yourself lucky!

I feel like I dodged a major bullet avoiding the flu so far this year, I was unknowingly exposed to someone with it, my husband caught it and kicked it quickly, but I’m still wary. I’m also kind of anti-social right now.

Here’s a friendly reminder to anyone with the flu, a cold or any other contagious ailment: Stay away from others. Seriously, don’t try to be a social sick person or try to convince others (and yourself) that you’re well when you aren’t. Just because “it’s going around” doesn’t mean you should go around with it.

Since so many people around me have fallen ill to this year’s flu, plus the nasty cold that I actually did come down with a few months ago, I’ve been extra vigilant about my health. I’m not sure how far it will get me, but I’ve added an extra vitamin C to my regular daily vitamin, I’m drinking lots of water and green tea and I’m washing my hands… a lot.

It’s also not a bad idea during cold and flu season to kick up the cleaning a notch ny sanitizing things like doorknobs, light switches, other handles, keyboards, phones and workspaces.

For most “normal” people coming down with a cold or the flu is an inconvenience and some missed work time. For people with diabetes, like me, coming down with a cold or the flu wreaks havoc on my overall health. These viruses directly impact blood sugar levels making diabetes even harder to manage on top of the regular sick management, plus it takes longer to get over illness.

If you’re sick, I hope that you feel better soon. I also hope that you remember to practice good hygiene and anti-social behavior.

I’m curious about this, Brad had a flu shot and still caught the flu this year. He’s not the only one who experiences this.

Did you get a flu shot? Did you catch the flu?

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