It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas!

I was really excited to decorate our new house for Christmas, so of course I must share it with you! I was originally going to share this on Friday, but I took my remaining vacation day of 2012 and finished my Christmas shopping and got myself fitted for contacts, so I didn’t get to posting.

So for a little Monday cheer, here are the trees!

The 3-foot college tree remains:

The 6-foot everything tree:

The newest edition to our Christmas decorations is our 7.5-foot living room tree:

I was really excited about this tree skirt that I got at the end of last season. At the time, we didn’t have cats. I had no idea that when I put the skirt out that it would because the favorite kitty toy. Holmes like to hide toys in it and pretend he’s a present. Watson likes to burrow under the skirt.

More holiday decorating to come, including a homemade wreath.

Do you theme your Christmas trees?

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  1. We haven’t themed our tree, other than a little of everything. Our daughter picks out a new ornament every year and her tastes have changed a lot over the years. Maybe after she moves out we’ll theme the tree but until then it is her tree.

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