Is there anything new?

On my last post, Scott commented about holiday music and the super-sized doses we get of it, which pretty much voiced something I’d been thinking of since late October.

On November 1st, a local radio station switched to all holiday music, all the time, which made me consistently hop over it until after Thanksgiving. I grew up in church and to this day, many of my favorite Christmas songs are hymns.

I feel like there are thousands of new songs that come out every year, but there aren’t really any new Christmas songs. Am I wrong and just missing the new songs?

Here’s one of my favorites. I remember listening to it early, early Christmas morning while driving home from the 11pm Christmas Eve church service.

Are there any particular holiday songs that stir a memory in you?

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  1. Silent Night. But it’s important to us because it was grandfather’s favorite song and it was sung at his funeral. I was only 2, but it still brings back memories.

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