Friday Five

Bullets, bullets, bullets! Five things I’m thinking about this lovely Friday before a holiday weekend.

  1. I have a secret… and I think I’ll come clean now. I drink my beloved coffee with holiday cream in it all year long! As fall approaches, I take comfort knowing that as my current stash runs low, I’ll be able to replenish it before it runs out.
  2. I’m checking things off my list! I attended my first NFL game last night. It may have been preseason, but it still counts! I went to football games in high school and college (go Purple Raiders!) so now I’ve been to a Browns game.
  3. I need to run around snapping pictures this weekend on my disposable camera! We have a summer photo contest at work, where we each get a disposable camera (it makes it challenging!) and we have to “capture summer.” I’ve taken about 5 pictures and my camera is due on Tuesday. What should I snap? What does summer look like?
  4. Speaking of pictures I should get some before and afters going from our house. Last weekend my husband finished our dining room floor and I installed curtains (You don’t just hang curtains if you’re me…), the contractor put up the first half of our front railing (that one is a story for another day! I’ll tell it, I promise). I like before and after pictures because they show how all the details come together. And hopefully ours will show a significant difference between the previously “potato peel” living room (that’s the actual name of the previous color according to the extra paint from the previous owner) and the new “homestead sky.”
  5. We’re cooking out at least a few times this weekend. I know what we’re grilling but I could use some suggestions of cook-out side dishes and desserts. Help?

I know that I’m soaking up the rest of summer and I hope you are too. Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! Any fun plans?

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  1. I’m going to Kansas City to visit my pregnant daughter, her husband, and their 16 mos old son. Can’t wait to get out of Topeka for awhile. I love Topeka but I’ve been stuck here for over a year.

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