Sometimes I’m Amazed

At the risk of sounding like a gushy, wide-eyed school girl, I feel like I should say this:

Sometimes I’m truly amazed by my husband.

I love my husband, he’s a wonderful, intelligent, confident, funny and kind man. He also has an amazing drive coupled with willpower like no other. I knew these things about him, but they’ve been coming to life with his desire to get our new home completely ready before we settle there.

Now we bought a move-in ready house, but with time left on our apartment lease we decided that we needed to at least paint the dining room (it was yellow, remember?). When we walked through the house, he said, “You know we should probably just paint the whole thing before we put stuff in it.” We also opted to replace the carpet that was faded in high-traffic areas and since the previous owners had a dog we decided to start fresh. So we ripped out all of the carpet. We finished painting and removing carpet last weekend. All of the old carpet had been put in the garage to be cut down and rolled for the trash service to take away. We also needed some miscellaneous plumbing work done.

Throughout the painting and tear out, Brad lifted the heavy things, painted the high things and kept plugging away at things showing amazing endurance.

He was off work yesterday to get things ready for tomorrow (Moving Day!). I got a text around lunch time, basically telling me that he was playing Xbox. I assumed he was taking a lunch break and relaxing a bit… he was trying to rile me up. Then he sent me this picture:

He had spent most of the morning cutting and binding all of the old carpet from the house and hauling it to the curb (Seriously, there was a lot of carpet). He then worked with the plumber to get everything done. Cleaned out the garage so that we can both park there and came back to work on packing. By the way, his Xbox is packed and ready for a new home!

I had been planning on spending our evening working together on the carpet. He decided to do it alone to “save me the indelicacy” of the task. Instead we went to the animal shelter and pet kitties before going home and packing more.

I have no need to leave a “Honey Do List” with a motivated husband like mine.

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  1. Boy does this post make me feel inferior. When we moved into our house, we spent weeks arguing over paint colors (and there are plenty of almost-full, “not-quite-right” cans in the basement to prove it). One of my personal victories was that I was able to convince my wife that the carpeting was fine and didn’t REALLY need to be replaced, but a professional cleaning would be OK. (It looks no different after the cleaning, by the way).

    Sounds like you found yourself a winner.

    • Thanks Scott! It took some effort to persuade my husband that we shouldn’t paint everything white and call it a day. We settled on two colors throughout the house.

      I did indeed find myself a winner.

  2. Was the carpet actually that blue color? I’m thinking I can see why you changed the carpet, lol.

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