It Takes a Village

In my case, I have a small communication agency as my village (small as in number of employees).

There are a lot of things going on that the people I work with have been involved in from confirming my employment a million times to fixing and cleaning my laptop and helping me with my tire problem.


It had to puncture in a place that can’t be patched

My tire had a piece of metal stick out of it Thursday morning when I left for work. I noticed the metal sticking out when I was getting ready to leave for work. I checked and my tire seemed to have air in it and the tire pressure light wasn’t on, so I went to work. Whether or not that was a mistake, I don’t know but at least at work there were people.

When I got to work, I borrowed a tired pressure gauge from a coworker and found the tire to be 5 or so psi lower than the other three. I checked my warranty since my car isn’t even a year old and found out that no, this would not be covered. Someone followed me out to the shop and brought me back to work. Someone else took be back to the shop to pick up my car (with the spare on it) and then picked me up the next morning from the shop when my tire was in. Then yet someone else took me to get my car at the end of the day.

I felt like I was 15 again bumming rides home from speech practice, but all in all it was a smooth process that without a supportive set of coworkers, could have been a nightmare.


My in-laws helped me make my car look as new and clean as my newly replaced tire

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