That’s Sharp

Somehow, I managed to screw up my carb counting at lunch. It wasn’t a big deal, but I was halfway through my sandwich when I realized I hadn’t taken enough insulin to cover my meal (I had actually remembered to take insulin though).

I’ve been considering trying a syringe injection, because I had never given myself a syringe injection, only pens. Since I needed to take an extra unit, I decided that today might as well be the day.


The little syringe seemed very flimsy in my hand and the actual injection was not as scary as I had thought it would be. Next to inserting a Dexcom sensor (that’s a BIG, long needle), it was nothing! I’m only on my second Dexcom sensor, so I still get all shaky and nervous when I do them. Eventually, I’ll become a pro at that too.

Last summer, having diabetes and trying to muster the courage to give myself pen injections seemed so daunting. It seemed like life was going to get way more complicated. Daily life really doesn’t seem more complicated anymore, it’s much more structured and there’s more math in my life now, but otherwise I think I’ve adjusted.

I was actually walking out to my car to leave for work the other morning and programming my breakfast bolus while walking. I realized somewhere between our apartment and my car, that my OmniPod is pretty efficient and saves me a bunch of time. I’m glad that, even though they don’t hurt, I don’t have to do injections with syringes 4+ times a day.

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