It kind of looks like…

Diabetes Blog Week Post #6

Today’s topic: Snapshot Saturday

I’m not typically a weekend blogger, but I couldn’t skip this weekend (or last weekend for that matter).

The point of today is to share with you what diabetes looks like on a daily basis. So what does daily diabetes management look like?

It kind of looks like math:


Numbers, graphs and equations

It kind of looks like a medical show:


It kind of looks like Hoarders:


It kind of looks like an I Spy book:


Can you spot the OmniPods? How about the lancet hiding in the couch?

For being an “invisible” illness, diabetes can be very visible in many parts of our lives. From the bionic parts to the medical supply stashes or the polka dotted, callused fingertips and bruised infusion sites.

Sometimes strangers think our diabetes devices are cell phones or our CGMs are fancy band aids, which reminds me that it’s not visible to everyone. But sometimes people see something and assume it’s diabetes but it’s simply scars on your arm from having the chicken pox or a bandaged paper cut.

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