Are you feeling better?

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in August of 2011 (I say that a lot), a not so very, but somewhat long time ago. I was hospitalized for three days. A month later, my husband and I moved to Cleveland.

We returned to his hometown on multiple occasions, like Thanksgiving and Christmas and saw the family friends and church folks. At Easter, between walking into his hometown church and taking our seats, I was asked by multiple people, “Are you feeling better?”

I was briefly confused and wracked my brain to remember if I’d been remotely ill in the weeks leading up to Easter. Nope. Hmmm…. what do they think is wrong with me?

Oh yes, I have diabetes.

I was “sick” with diabetes. But in reality, I’m healthy with diabetes.

It’s not like I got mono, had an operation or some other medical emergency. I have type 1 diabetes and found out because I was in DKA, which I came out of in August. The diabetes didn’t go away. Won’t go away. AND I had seen each person who inquired at least once after my hospitalization.

I think I’d like people to change the “how are you feeling?” question to “how are you?” Because truly, I’m great. I’m married to a great man. Our jobs are going wonderfully. We’re in the process of buying a house. And those are just the highlights, if you let me take 10 minutes to answer the “how are you?” question, I wouldn’t even mention diabetes until, at the earliest, 8 minutes in. It’s there. I talk about it. But I feel fine.

The “how are you feeling?” question is completely appropriate after surgery or bouts with the flu/colds. With a chronic medical condition, having to constantly answer that question has a way of making me feel like I’m sick because it tells me that you think I’m constantly sick.

My diabetes feels just fine.

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