I wasn’t planning on sharing

I wasn’t planning on sharing my most recent a1c, but the other day I couldn’t help but tweet it out there.

Last week, I had a bunch of testing done and I was really curious about how my new OmniPod had affected that “magic number.”

A1C to average glucose {diabetes.org}

I received my test results when I wasn’t in a particularly good mood and some of them weren’t fantastic which had me pretty down. But that a1c was amazing. It was way lower than I had even expected hoped.


I decided to tweet my 5.9 for several reasons:
1. I am proud of getting it so low
2. I wanted to actually feel good about the number again after my other results
3. I wanted the congratulations
4. I wanted to tell people who would understand the number right away instead of asking, “Is that good?”

Thanks for the support and congratulations, it brightened my mood. My goal was to get this one under 7.0. My new goal is to keep it in that range.

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  1. yah! that’s an awesome A1C. Ever since I’ve started on the Omnipod about a year and a half ago, mine have been in the 5’s too. I love it! Hope you continue to have success with the pods!

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