Exploring our new home

We’re started to get to know our new home (Cleveland) a little better, so I thought I’d share with you. The other night we went out to dinner to celebrate my promotion at the Great Lakes Brewing Company and scheduled a tour of the brewery. They offer free brewery tours on the weekends so we took advantage on a Thursday evening..

Not what it looks like on a January evening. {From Great Lakes Brewing Co.}

We started with dinner and a beer sampler. For $15 they give you five ounces of 10 different types of beer that they brew right there. They’re Cleveland’s oldest brewpub (everything served there is made there).

The beer sampler

The food was amazing! Brad had a burger, I had a grilled chicken sandwich, my friend had a pretzel chicken dish and her fiance had bratwurst and pierogies… there seemed to be something for everyone. They also serve salads and pizzas.  And we got a discount by checking in on Foursquare! I get ragged on so much for checking into places and then I saved us some money.

The brewery tour was pretty cool, we learned a little about brewing beer, Cleveland history and sustainable practices. For all of the different types that they brew and for everything being onsite, I was pretty surprised at how small the brewery actually is.

As we’re exploring what Cleveland has to offer, what are some places we should check out?

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