Thanks for helping me grow

I started blogging here at ProbablyRachel in November of 2010. Last month I had my blogging anniversary on November 18th. In my first partial month of blogging, I had 15 whole page views. Last month, I had more than 1,500 views.

Although I’m not a major blogger, it’s nice to feel like I’ve grown. I started this blog my senior year of college to write about communication-related things I was learning as a student which transitioned into customer service topics (since I was working in a customer service-laden position at a car dealership).

I still enjoy blogging about things that I’ve learned, but I decided to let people into my personal life a little more and put my feelings out here on the internet and my readership skyrocketed. I expected the jump in my readers to be short lived, but instead I saw consistent growth increasing my readership by hundred of views each month.

It is my hope that through my blogs about living as a new wife, with diabetes, the life challenges that I’ve faced and random other topics I can continue to connect with people as I have already.

If you were one of my first 15ish readers, thanks for sticking with me (hi mom!) and if you started reading me somewhere along the way, thank you for joining me.

There are lots of great posts (if I do say so myself!) scheduled for the rest of this year and into 2012 that I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you. But every once in awhile, I need to take a break from your regularly scheduled content and let you know that I appreciate the few minutes a day or week that you give me along with the feedback.

So thanks!

What’s on tap?

  • There’s a product review in the works
  • A peek into the K-couple’s Christmasy home (with photos and everything!)
  • More about insulin pump therapy

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About Probably Rachel

PR professional and social media enthusiast, blogging about life, marriage, coffee and type 1 diabetes. You can follow me on Twitter also @ProbablyRachel

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