The Wife Chop

It’s nothing like a karate chop but it is pretty brutal sometimes.

You see, when Brad and I started talking about getting married (way long ago before he even proposed) I decided that I should start growing out my painfully fine hair so someday I could have material for a stunning wedding ‘do.

Well I got my hair as long as it has been (or ever will be probably) and had enough to style for the big day.

Fast-forward a few months from saying “I do” and wifey’s hair is still long, constantly shedding and fluctuating between two styles: ponytail and straightened.

I decided it was time for a change. (They say women change their hair after largely emotional events. That may be true…)

I did the wife chop. Armed with a picture I strolled into the salon with husband and mother in tow and asked for a should-length style. My stylist was apparently having a bad day or hearing problems. She cut off “six inches” of my hair… make that eight.

Which resulted in a shorter-than-planned style… that I kind of love.


Brad didn’t like it.


Because he knew how hard I tried to grow out my hair and how long it took to get those eight inches that ended up on the salon floor.

Isn’t he sweet?

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  1. How sweet of Brad! And it’s a cute cut!

    I actually got mine cut pretty short a while back just for something new and one of the girls at work (who is from Korea) asked if I had broken up with my boyfriend- apparently in Korea the girls typically cut their hair short after a breakup! Who knew cutting hair after emotional experiences would transcend cultural boundaries!

    • I didn’t really care about a whole new style change until after being in the hospital and then losing my dad. Instead of just keeping it trimmed I found myself wanting something different…

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