I fancy myself a crafter!

Due to all of the DIY goodness that Pinterest provides, I undertook decorating the K-couple apartment pulling my inspiration from there. I’ve kind of fallen in love with upcycle crafting (that is taking something old and making it into something new).

Project 1

Using this as my inspiration:

I began hoarding toilet paper and paper towel tubes. With the hope of creating a modest wreath for the door.

Here’s what I ended up with:


Toilet paper/paper towel tubes, coffee filter flower, leftover wedding ribbon

Project 2

Our apartment has an outdated, ugly call box that is apparently crucial to the integrity of the wall because the leasing company decided to leave it there. So out of a desire to cover the box and a need to have a place to hang our keys (plus my odd obsession with buttons and monograms). I took some inspiration from here:

And made something to fit our needs and color scheme (which somehow ended up being black, white and purple). Here’s what happened:


Old painted frame, buttons, fabric scrap, hooks

There are plenty more projects on my plate so prepare for more upcycle projects in the future!

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  1. This is a good post I loved it.

  2. These are both super cute! I love the wreath! I originally thought it was made from the cup wraps from Starbucks, but paper towel and toilet paper rolls would be much easier to collect! Love the ideas! (I’m putting them in my craft bookmarks)

  3. It is always nice when you find an article that is not only informative but entertaining. I will bookmark I fancy myself a crafter! probablyrachel. I have been seeking for ideas about this subject matter for weeks and yours is the best I have located. I really enjoyed your article.

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