My Long-term Relationship… with Coffee

When I was little I really wanted to drink coffee because my mom drank coffee (what little girl doesn’t want to be like mommy?).  Of course children aren’t supposed to have coffee, but on occasion when it was cold out, mom would make “coffee creams” for me and my siblings. Coffee creams were basically hot chocolate with just a little bit of coffee in them… and they were a precursor to the specialty coffee drinks that I enjoy.

I pretty much drink coffee every day. I might be addicted to it. It’s weird because coffee is probably the easiest drink to form an emotional bond with. Maybe it’s not the drink itself, some of my favorite high school and college memories happened in coffee shops. And it’s probably coffee that got me through my morning classes in college.

Call it an addiction, call it a long term relationship, or call it therapy. I don’t believe I’ll be giving up coffee anytime soon. And that might actually be good for me.

Check out this BBC article by Health Reporter Michelle Roberts

According to the article, women coffee drinkers are less likely to be depressed. I’ve always felt coffee to be comforting.

If coffee were a person, we’d be good friends.

Have you ever felt sentimental about a beverage?

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PR professional and social media enthusiast, blogging about life, marriage, coffee and type 1 diabetes. You can follow me on Twitter also @ProbablyRachel

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  1. I love this blog. I too have many good memories in coffee shops, and grew up wanting to drink coffee like my mother.

    Very nice!

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